Valorant Patch 4.04 Bugs and Fixes – Multiple Agents Disabled

Valorant’s latest update has been pretty controversial in the community, but not really for the reasons players typically expect. The update hasn’t thrown the game’s balance out of whack, but instead, it’s introduced a bizarre number of bugs. Numerous agents have been disabled fully immediately after the mess of the Valorant patch 4.04 dropped.

This is what’s happened, what’s already been fixed, and how these messes could be avoided in the future.

Valorant Bug yoru

Valorant Patch 4.04

The newest Valorant 4.04 patch introduced some significant issues to the game. While there have been some fixes, these are some of the major problems that have popped up so far:

Immediately following the update, both Yoru and Astra were disabled in the game. This was due to some pretty urgent bugs with the characters. However, it only took a few hours for them to be repaired.

Following the first round of problems and fixes, Cypher was also disabled from the game. His fix has been taking a little bit longer though. The reason behind his removal seems to be an exploit involving a tripwire. This can kick everyone out of the game which is obviously a pretty huge problem.

Cypher Trip in Hooka (Bind) causing server to break and kicking everyone out. from VALORANT

One of the more entertaining problems was a glitch that players found to get a Marshal in the first round in place of a pistol. Players could sell Astra’s stars initially to get extra credits and grab a Marshal instead of a pistol, giving them an easy early lead. This naturally upset the entire balance of the early game.

Valorant Patch 4.04 Fixes

Those are some of the major problems introduced in Valorant patch 4.04. However, quite a few have already been fixed or altered so that players aren’t running into them until the fix happens. Riot has been very quick to fix things when it comes to these problems. Although, why quite so many bugs were introduced in a single patch is a bit of a worry. Players have been quick to suggest a solution though.

There are more bugs that needs addressing, like the Spike behaving in strange ways where it definitely shouldn’t.

Weird spike interaction on Icebox from VALORANT

The Valorant community has done a pretty consistent job in filling out bug reports. They’ve found a good number of major problems in the game. Although, this bug finding isn’t the most effective answer to these problems. A more permanent solution could help avoid so many bugs going live in the first place.

Future Patches and Problems

One solution that players have suggested avoiding this kind of problem in the future is the better use of test servers. This would allow players and Riot to test out patches in live play before they hit the main game. Test servers are currently employed by the majority of online esports games. These provide a testing area and a bit of a buffer for the full game. Major problems like those in Valorant patch 4.04 could be avoided if a test server was utilized better. Riot has used a PBE or public beta environment for Valorant in the past. However, unlike most games, it doesn’t seem to be allowing them to stop bugs before they hit the main game.

Valorant’s had an impressively speedy growth as a shooter since its first launch. Although, the game is now definitely long past its initial teething stage. Patches like this are disappointing, and it’ll be better if they can have a system where these types of updates don’t go live in this state. However, the fixes were pretty quick this time around which is still positive.

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