Wall Street workers leave for the metaverse

A recent article published by Forbes has indicated that some of the top heads off of Wall Street of all places are setting their sights on the lucrative world of blockchain gaming.

To many working on Wall Street is a dream. Many have conquered Wall Street for all it is and have become pioneers for the young to shoot their shot. Web3’s potential has already been demonstrated over the past 24 months. Many are seeing this as the new internet, where stocks and related investments seemed to be skyrocketing due to momentum.

As decentralized gaming makes itself known, it currently makes up for 50% of the activity that is found on all of the blockchain. Billions have been pumped into by gamers and investors alike with the figure set to rise as we see mainstream adoption from the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Epic Games via their respective platforms.

The transition

BlackRock has become a world renowned name when regarding organizations on Wall Street. They boast over $10 trillion in asset holdings making them a top dog in America’s most cutthroat financial district.

Paul Taylor is a young professional that made his way through BlackRock. Starting off as an Associate, he quickly moved up to the Analyst role in a short timespan. Whilst claiming to have enjoyed his role with BlackRock, it was coming known that the blockchain was looking like the new opportunity for venturists.


Image Credit | The Balance

As we have seen mainstream successors with Web3 this has also contributed to many making the transition and them not looking back afterwards.

Wall Street is traditionally suits, ties and fancy dinners at top restaurants. Whilst this is considered the high life, for many it is just a world of facades where people are just there for the cheque and bonuses.

Blockchain participants are much more laid back and approachable, something Paul has noted. This is all whilst still achieving great advancements in technology

Paul Taylor and his work

Since leaving Wall Street for life on the Blockchain, Taylor has left his mark on multiple projects. A total of 6 to be specific, they are:

  • Fancy Studios (Chief Strategy Officer)
  • Mozart (Advisor)
  • Inery Blockchain (Advisor)
  • Dega (Advisor)
  • Fancy Folks Guild (Founder)
  • Fat Cats DAO (Council Member)

Paul has only just left his previous role at BlackRock back in February of 2022, after a 4 year stint. This experience has given Paul great credibility already as he has gotten involved with many different startup projects at their pre-seed and seed stages in the investment cycle.

Back in his youth this young tech prospect has a steady history of chess triumphs playing in his local state championships. He had done this since the age of 5 and has a number of big wins under his belt. It took him 1 year to win his first championship and would only compete until the age of 12. In that short career he amassed a total of 8 championship wins. A cool accomplishment for sure!

Chess requires an analytical mind that works well under pressure, perfect for working on web3 projects. Let’s look into his specific crypto gaming experience and what is in store from Fancy Studios!

Fancy Studios

Paul Taylor is the Chief Strategy Officer for Fancy Studios. They are a Web3 gaming studio who have a knack for creating mobile games that integrate blockchain and NFTs into their use. Created with users in mind, they are easily accessible and relegate any potential stress that new users may experience otherwise with crypto gaming titles.

Fancy Studios were founded back in October 2021 and have managed to raise a total of $12.5 million in the process. The money has gone towards the release of their first gaming titles and has scaled the business further.

Their first 2 games that are available are Fancy Birds & Fancy Birds: Star Wars, a homage to the popular Flappy Birds title. Over 45, 000 NFTs were minted for Fancy Birds with marketplaces such as OpenSea.io showing over $2 million in sales.

As showcased via their official site, Fancy Studios have managed to get the backing from some top names within web3. They are and are not limited to:

  • Illuvium
  • Yield Guild Games
  • Framework Ventures

Some closing thoughts from Paul Taylor

We managed to get some words from Paul as his story is making waves across the blockchain online communities.

In three words Paul described crypto gaming in the following 3 words – “Future of gaming”

Our last question focused on the limitations of decentralized gaming currently presents, Paul had this to say on the matter –

“I would recommend that most GameFi projects move away from making their games “web3 frontend with a web3 backend” to more “web2 frontend with a web3 backend.” Many users do like having ownership of their digital assets and being able to use them across multiple games.

However, I believe most GameFi projects need to focus on improving the UI and focus on building fun games. At its core, if a game isn’t fun or isn’t easy to play, then it won’t do well (no matter how good of web3 infrastructure there is).

If a traditional gamer wants to play a fun game, then the signup process should be done in seconds – that gamer shouldn’t have to learn what MetaMask is, write down their seed phrase, learn how to use the blockchain, buy NFT assets, etc etc – it should be a smooth experience that should feel web2 (with web3 behind the scenes). “

With how the future is set out for Paul and Fancy Studios we hope the best for their projects and their previous success can be replicated further! Be sure to check out Fancy Studios as they will be making waves across the blockchain. Seeing individuals coming from such prestigious professional backgrounds and joining web3 is a further indicator there is a lot happening in the space with no signs of slowing down.

Thank you also to Paul for the words!