Vanguard Warzone Season 2 leaks and upcoming mobile updates

The Call of Duty games has seen great growth in recent years.  Including the launch of the juggernaut Call of Duty League. While the League has just made its return. Although, there is some other Call of Duty news this week that has grabbed attention. The series’ future has been laid out in more depth alongside some metrics for the game’s popularity. There have also been leaks for CoD Warzone Season 2, and more coming to the game’s mobile offshoot, Call of Duty Mobile.

Vanguard Season 2

CoD Vanguard slows growth

The news that Activision Blizzard was being acquired by Microsoft has complicated our looks at the future for the Call of Duty series. At the moment, there are a lot of unknowns. However, in the interim, while the deal is completed, we’ve got a decent look at what’s coming next for the popular series. The next Call of Duty game in development has been partially unveiled. It is going to be handled by Infinity Ward, developers of the huge Modern Warfare 2019.

Activision-Blizzard recently detailed this game, with a return to the popular developer. Modern Warfare coincided with one of the biggest revivals for CoD, with the esports League exploding alongside it. The last Call of Duty game was reported to have slightly more disappointing returns compared to the previous two. Hopefully going back to this winning formula with a new Modern Warfare 2 is going to help to revitalize things for the mainline series.

CoD Vanguard Warzone Season 2

CoD Warzone has become a huge success since its launch, becoming arguably more popular than the big names in Battle Royales; PUBG and Fortnite. The game has continued to grow alongside the main series, even pulling in esports events in a growing ecosystem. The game’s biggest update seems likely to be dropping soon. This is Season 2 of Vanguard and Warzone, the second round of content for this iteration of the game.

The new Cod Warzone Season 2 art leak gives us a bit of a hint at what’s coming to the game with the new season. This is going to be the first major update for the year for the game. The initial release date of the season was February 12th. However, it seems to have been pushed back by two weeks. The release now looks set for the second half of February.

CoD Mobile & future titles

The CoD Mobile Season one is going to be ending later this month, with some new content on the horizon for the game. The main tease so far has been a map from Modern Warfare 3 coming to the game; Hardhat, alongside the JAK-12 shotgun. There will also be other additions with the new season, but these are the major additions that have grabbed people’s attention.

The CoD game series has quite a few developments in the works, with a new game and Warzone season 2. However, there are a lot of unknowns about the series right now. Most of this stems from the parent company having just been bought out by Microsoft. It is still quite a while before we actually see what Microsoft’s plans for the games are.

Reports about the buyout suggest that the Microsoft deal won’t come into play for CoD for at least 3 more titles. This is less to do with the deal itself, and more how CoD games are developed. CoD games take a long time to be developed so to keep up with the regular release schedule, there are always a few in the oven at once. It’ll take a few games for the pre-Microsoft titles to actually finish their cycles.

It does seem likely that CoD games will go PC and Xbox exclusive in the future. However, there’s also the possibility that they’re freed from the yearly development cycle. This would mean more time to develop games. The future might be uncertain for Call of Duty, but there’s a lot that players have to hope for with what’s to come.