Web3 World of Tanks is due to be released – Here’s what we know

World of Tanks is a game that many online players are not able to get away from. Whether it is in the professional esports scene or browsing the internet on YouTube you may have come across World of Tanks on more than one occasion.

What makes this game so popular is the fact it is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that is available on mobile and PC. It is free of charge to get going and doesn’t require much practice/extra capital to get fully immersed into its ecosystem.

After all, there are a total of 160 million registered players in the game. The most number of players at one time recorded on this game were 1.1 million, crazy stuff.


Image Credit | Wargaming

New Web3 Technology

Technology changes and so do the needs of gamers, on a professional and also on a casual level. Web3 gaming technologies have opened up new ways to play and earn, for millions more around the world. With this we have seen a web3 equivalent of World of Tanks from Hit Factor Games.

“I’m very confident what will play out is that the space will sort itself out building ownership, building communities around games. The more you can build, cater experiences to players that are truly invested in your products, and actually give them ownership opportunities and opportunities to determine the direction of the game…that seems like a really meaningful experience versus what you can find in web2 and traditional gaming.” – Matt Reed of Hit Factor Games

War Park wants to give a new meaning to Tank themed games by giving players full control of their in-game experience with the integration of blockchain technologies. Players own their assets, can battle it out solo and/or in teams to climb leaderboards and can even upgrade your base to improve your gameplay.

You are able to build alliances or ‘factions’ with other players to enhance your in game experience. Participate in events to earn more rewards for yourself and teammates. Tanks hold 5 crew members that are either unlocked or recruited. They are the gunner, the loader, the radio operator, the driver, and the commander.

Skill Based Gameplay

Whilst you can invest money into War Tanks, it must be noted that you can play this game for free and progress in-game through putting in time and effort.

Gameplay is skill based making this a fairly fair game for both experienced and inexperienced players. This matchmaking system is found also in the Land as you are situated with other players who are of a similar skill and level. Activity points are distributed every day to players. Depending on your skill and tank rarity will affect how many points you receive.

By partnering with Openloot, an Ethereum blockchain based marketplace you can purchase NFTs for BluePrints, Land and Building. Openloot is user friendly and does not require a specific wallet to transfer the assets purchased to the linked games.


Image Credit | Wargaming


Being built with Unity and Photon Quantum engines makes War Tank highly adaptable for esports competitions.

“A fast-paced vehicle brawler built to empower players.”

Web3 gaming as a whole is really pushing for the inclusion of esports as seen with the likes of Axie Infinity and Farcana. Games with a competitive and immersive user experience will thrive in the esports sphere for the next generation of gaming.

The European Parliament have recently passed legislation for esports to get more funding from higher bodies, so we could see crypto gaming fall under these new policies as titles start being fully released over the next few months.

War Park will be available for you to try out early next year. Presale is also available currently via the official site. You are able to buy Tanks and Land at a premarket price so be sure to check this out if it’s of interest.

Check this new title out if you were a fan of World of Tanks or you are looking to try out a new web3 based game!