WePlay Academy League S3 – Group Stage Roundout & Predictions

The final day of Group stage matches at WePlay Academy League Season 3 brings us a battle for top seed control, and some hot exotic betting markets to look at.

Group A of the We Play Academy League wrapped up yester with the final round robin matchups. Fnatic Rising faced off against BIG, while NAVI Junior were up against the Young Ninjas. BIG ends up with a direct seed into the LAN Finals, while the Ninjas secured a nail-biting double win versus NaVi.Junior to earn a place into the bracket closer spot.

Today Group B matches are on the menu.

WePlay Academy League S3

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We Play Academy League S3 Group B Match Predictions

The final Group B matches will now give us the final bracket for the Play-In Stage Bracket, and the second participant into the tournament final. The top team advances to the Play-Off stage, 2nd-5th will advance to the Gauntlet Stage. As of now MOUZ looks like a secure lock, and Spirit as a lock for the bracket final.

Spirit Academy vs Eternal Fire Academy

This match is an important one as it could mean a surprising 1st place finish for Spirit if everything goes their way. MOUZ losing today’s matches 0-2 and Spirit winning both of theirs could mean a last minute first place finish for Spirit. Eternal Fire is currently sitting at 3-3 before their final match, and it is a must win game for them for seeding in the gauntlet stage. Starting lower down in the Gauntlet Stage means more grinding and a harder run.

Since Spirit Academy is heavily favored in this matchup, it could be a match that bettors can capitalize on. Eternal Fire have surprised a few teams they’ve come up against so far, and if Spirit let their guard down they can easily lose this match. Ideally, you should go for rounds played to be over 26 rounds as both teams might be in for a long set of games.

Mouz NEXT vs VP.Prodigy

This second match is an interesting one, as VP.Prodigy will be clawing for a better seed than Eternal Fire going into the Gauntlet Stage. mouz, on the other hand, have to win one game in order to maintain their current standing. MOUZ have been performing quite well so far and have shown few weaknesses that are easily exploitable. VP.Prodigy will have to play out of their minds if they hope to take a map in this series.

With VP.P a massive betting underdog coming into this match, check out a betting market that pays out on the under for the amount of rounds played total. everything below 23 rounds played is a legit pick.

We Play Academy League Season 3 has been fun and exciting to watch so far, the upcoming Gauntlet Stage matchups will be finalized in the upcoming days. We are looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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