WePlay AniMajor 2021 Wild Card Day 2 Match Predictions and Odds

The first day at WePlay AniMajor kicked off with an abundance of ties. Considering the Wild Cards have best-of-two format, this isn’t exactly out of our expectations, but we hoped that fan favorites dominate their series.

Most notably, Team Secret and Invictus Gaming both secured ties in their matches against AS Monaco Gambit and Execration, respectively. This means the second day should have some change in pace, else it’s yet another galore of tiebreakers awaiting us.

Let’s take a look at the matches ahead and the insane Dota 2 odds on offer courtesy of GG.BET.

AfterLife Dota

Vasilii “AfterLife” Shishkin

Team Secret vs Nigma

The two European powerhouses are considered friends more than rivals at this point. Both teams have a long history of matches, and it’s always wholesome to watch them play on the main stage. Regardless, it’s their major participation on the line as they head into the second day of Wild Cards.

Team Secret debuted their day with a tie, underwhelming considering their opponent was AS Monaco Gambit. Gambit is literally playing with a handicap at the WePlay AniMajor after two players quit the team recently. Essentially, what we are saying is the tie was merely a fluke, and Team Secret will probably still sweep their next competition.

Nigma, on the other hand, won their match against Gambit as expected, but didn’t hold up against Invictus Gaming. Coming into this series, the odds are against Nigma with an insane x3.48 versus Team Secret’s x2.85 for a clean sweep. The most likely outcome is a tie at 1-1 for both teams which still earns you x2.14.

There also seems to be a trend where Team Secret usually wins the first match. Rumor has it that Team Secret enjoys taking a kick off risking the second match for fun and research purposes. Hence, a Map 1 – Winner bet on Team Secret at x1.72 isn’t the worst idea either. Finally, If you don’t have time to watch the whole series, consider the Map 1 – First Blood bet. This exotic bet has approximately x1.80 return regardless of who you pick, much like a coinflip.

AS Monaco Gambit vs Vici Gaming

Gambit is one of those CIS squads that doesn’t look very promising on paper. Yet, their latest addition, Artem “Lorenof” Melnick, is off the charts on his carry performance. He showcased flawless consistency and exponential scaling throughout the game, as seen in their match versus Team Secret.

Even in their second loss versus Nigma, Lorenof played exceptionally before Nigma’s Terrorblade pick became their comeback potential. It almost seemed like their opponents pay no attention to his presence, which may come back to bite them. However, since Gambit’s remaining match-ups are Vici Gaming and IG, Gambit’s hopes are looking grim.

VG, and Chinese powerhouses in general, are known for their disciplined attitude. Hence, it’s likely that VG already took precautions against Lorenof or new candidates in the competition. Topped off with their seasoned expertise, VG is a clear winner here.

Gambit has an absurd x12.06 odds to win against VG at x1.26 odds. Say if Gambit manages to take one match off VG, it’s an x4.05 return. Exploring more exotic markets, consider the Map Duration bets over 37.5 minutes as the average match duration is well above that and delivers an x3.04 return. Gambit’s playstyle revolves around heavy team fighting, so do expect a bloodbath regardless of the victor. A reasonable Map Total Kills would be over 51.5 kills, which can root x2.99 returns.

Here’s our 5 match betslip featuring insane 100-fold return.

Team Secret vs NigmaDraw 1x2@ 2.14
Vici Gaming vs AS Monaco GambitAS Monaco Gambit match total kills over 50.5@ 4.11
Invictus Gaming vs Team SecretDraw 1x2@ 2.02
Vici Gaming vs Invictus GamingDraw 1x2@ 2.15
Team Secret vs ExecrationDraw 1x2@ 2.93

Frankly, best-of-two matches provide good enough odds to bet on outright. Fortunately, GG.BET also provides advanced bet types, which allows us to be more analytical on the match and make some wild accumulators on top. Dota 2 betting aside, these are definitely high-stake games for the mentioned teams, so it will be a thrill to watch anyways.