Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022 – Schedule, Teams & Event Info

The Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) Finals 2022 are an intense showdown between eleven teams from multiple regions. It is a hard-fought battle lasting for seven weeks, but they have made it thus far to be considered WCS Finals 2022 top performers.

Stakes are high at the WCS Finals 2022 with $200,000 prize pool up for grabs. The champion qualifies for the Icons Global Championship 2022 later in June 2022, while the runners-up (2nd-4th place) earn Play-ins slots for the IGC 2022 too.

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Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022 Regional League Format and Teams

The WCS Finals 2022 consists of the Play-ins and Playoffs stages. The Play-ins is a decisive group stage, where matches are single round-robin best-of-two format. The five Play-ins teams include:

  • ONE Team (Masters)
  • CERBERUS Esports (Vietnam)
  • FENNEL Adversity (Philippines)
  • EVOS Esports TH (Thailand)
  • Smash Logic Gaming (Oceania)

The winner qualifies for Playoffs, while the runner-up and third-placer compete in a best-of-five for the remaining Playoffs spot. Meanwhile, there are six WCS Regional Champions who occupy the rest of the Playoffs, particularly:

  • Flash Wolves (Masters)
  • Rex Regum Qeon (Philippines)
  • Buriram United Esports (Thailand)
  • Team Flash (Vietnam)
  • SEM9 (Malaysia)
  • Persis Esports (Indonesia)

Once the eight Playoffs teams are confirmed, they will play double elimination best-of-five matches. Apart from the Lower Bracket Finals and Grand Finals being best-of-seven matches.

The WCS Finals 2022 Play-ins and Playoffs Bracket

Top teams to look at Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022

Now, for the uninitiated, the top four teams are going to the IGC 2022, where the competition will only be tougher. Hence, knowing the finest candidates in the WCS Finals 2022 will be key to following the Wild Rift competitive scene.

For starters, Flash Wolves is one of the biggest staples you need to know. With a Taiwanese line-up of one-year-old players, FW has made countless achievements in the Southeast Asia region, even rivaling Team Secret. Notably, their mid-player, Chiu “Bruce” Chih-Chun is a seasoned solo playmaker, whose iconic playstyle involves stomping the opponent mid. With Bruce at the forefront, FW is up for any challenge to become the champions of Wild Rift Champions SEA Finals 2022.

Another top candidate in the Playoffs is Buriram United Esports, which also participated in the SEA Championship 2021. At a commendable second runner-up victory, falling short to Team Secret, we will certainly put BUE on the watchlist for potential finalists. Considering the recent pickup of Pongsatorn “Coldenfeet” Kornrat and Soragit “Whatthejes” Buranathanasin as their supports, BUE might have some tricks up their sleeves if they intend on leveraging on their supports’ x-factor.

Yet another high-profile powerhouse, Team Flash hails from Vietnam with a consistent roster of talented prodigies. What sets Team Flash apart from the competition is the flawless synergy among themselves, whereby we can often expect explosive plays when the team goes online. Certainly one of the more interesting teams in WCS Finals 2022 for their wombo combo.

Dark horses of WCS Finals 2022

While these fan favorites will plausibly be the star of the show at WCS Finals 2022, the rest of the competition are not opponents to scoff at. For instance, ONE Team lost to FW during their encounter in Champions SEA 2022 – Masters Division.

Despite losing that round, ONE Team is still a formidable opponent to be reckoned with as they frequently fought one another in past tournaments. On consistent occasions, Team ONE was able to pull off some victories against the latter.

Watch the WCS Finals 2022

Riot Games have gone out of their way to have inclusive coverage for the SEA regional league. For English broadcast, you can hop onto Wild Rift Esports’ Twitch or YouTube channel. Meanwhile, other specific-language channels are available on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube, as well as partner broadcast channels to opt-in:

While the commentators should be able to guide you over the action and plans occurring in the game. Consider picking up some basic Wild Rift 101 to improve your watching experience. For starters, there are five roles; Baron, Jungle, Mid, Dragon, and Support.

The mid lane can expect lots of action, assuming the opponents are constantly attempting to ambush the enemy mid. However, one can learn a lot from the support players, who have made it their sole objective to nurture their carry players. Whereas if you’re a fan of solo gaming, consider watching the pros play the Dragon, Jungle, or even Baron roles.

Since a Wild Rift match only last on average fifteen minutes, be sure to be observant of the various events happening on the map. That’s all the advice we could provide from a layman’s perspective, so the WCS Finals 2022 could pique your interest if you played the mobile game.

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