Wild Rift League China launches with bigger prize pool than LPL

Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends and its esports scene has been promising since its initial release. This week though we’ve got what might be its biggest leap forward yet. An upcoming Wild Rift tournament is due to have a bigger prize pool than League of Legends for that region.

The full details of the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship and the LoL Wild Rift League China have been revealed, pointing to a major shift in the League ecosystem here. This is what you need to know about the tournament and what it means for Wild Rift esports.

Wild Rift Leage China

LoL Wild Rift League China

The Icons Global Championship has recently gotten its full details revealed. It’s going to be a huge global competition where the top teams in Wild Rift compete, ushering in a new international stage for Wild Rift competition. However, regions will be holding their own Leagues in advance to find those top competitors. The League that will be running in China is going to be the LoL Wild Rift League.

The LoL Wild Rift League China will be kicking off on March 19th. The tournament is going to feature a huge prize pool but it will also decide which teams go-ahead to enter the Icons Global Championship.  The event is going to be an offline one. Twelve teams will be competing across the event both to win a share of the huge prize pool and move forward to international events. It kicks off on March 19th with a lengthy group stage. The play-offs will take place April 28th– May 15th, finding the top teams in the region.

12 teams have already qualified through smaller tournaments already. The winner will enter into the Icons Global Championship, and runner-ups will move forward to the play-ins. The teams that just miss out at third to sixth will get a second chance at the LCQ where two more spots for play-ins are available.

Prize Pool Bigger than LoL

The LoL Wild Rift League China is going to feature a prize of $787,000 or five million Chinese Yuan. This is quite a bit higher than the prize pool for the LPL, which last sat at 4.2 million Chinese Yuan or $661,000. The LPL is one of the biggest esports leagues in both China and the entire world. It features 17 franchised teams and routinely brings in huge crowds. However, the LoL Wild Rift League China is being valued more highly. Why exactly is the game being held up as bigger than standard LoL here then?

Mobile esports is a fast-growing market, especially in China. Wild Rift is an attempt to get in early on this massive market. The growth of Wild Rift esports in China reflects the growth of mobile esports. In this region, they’re becoming increasingly dominant. The tournament eclipsing league of Legends this early is a bit unexpected. However, eventually eclipsing the game in the region was likely.

This growth for Wild Rift is impressive and it bodes well for the game in the future. This international event for Wild Rift is going to be following up on these regional tournaments. It will likely set a new height for competition in the game themselves. Both the LoL Wild Rift League China and the Icons Global Championship are likely to be big games for Wild Rift betting. Be sure to check out the qualifiers if you want to see which teams are the standout in this huge tournament’s early rounds here.