Wild Rift Betting – Best Sites, Odds and Tips for Betting on Wild Rift

Welcome to Wild Rift, summoners. Tencent’s latest masterpiece, developed to connect the mobile gaming community is becoming a big esports market. The game is a mobile device port of League of Legends, paired with its own unique competitive ecosystem and monthly tournaments across several regions. You will find Wild Rift betting markets at most bookmakers, either in its own separate category or as part of the League of Legends market selection.

Before you get to all that, Wild Rift is maybe new for you, and there are some important things to know before diving in head first.

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Are Wild Rift and League of Legends the same?

If you aren’t already a fan of League of Legends, Wild Rift betting will surely be up your alley. While we don’t foresee Faker transitioning to the ‘portable LoL,’ Wild Rift is still a fantastic esports betting option.

Familiar champions are already included in Wild Rift, sharing similar aesthetics and skillsets. That said, Wild Rift did need to adapt several champions’ skills to fit the limited controls a smartphone offers. Nevertheless, it’s essentially the mobile version of LoL, which is meant to attract the 150 million player base from its predecessor game. A Wild Rift match is intended to be quick, lasting less than 15 minutes on average.

Wild Rift Champions selection

How to bet on Wild Rift?

The big esports bookmakers already offer odds for the biggest Wild Rift tournaments. Betting on Wild Rift is now simply a process of selection for your preferred betting site and placing wager. Before doing so, it’s important to know the players, teams and their usual strategies for the matches you consider. For starters, we already have three ongoing tournament series in North America, Brazil and Asia that can be ideal picks to bet on in Wild Rift betting.

If you are exclusively a Wild Rift player, you are at least familiar with the game mechanics, champions and can asses what is a potentially winning composition. To that end all you need to do next is follow some competitive play to understand which teams are the best and how the game is played at the highest level.

We would suggest sticking to outright betting markets, and selecting the winner only. You can diversify your bets once you get a better idea on how the game ticks and how teams perform. It’s definitely sufficient to analyze the games and determine your Wild Rift betting slip for a particular tournament. Of course, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) element of Wild Rift means there is more to team synergy than actual individual skills.

Wild Rift Betting Sites

Although Wild Rift betting is still culturally new to esports wagering, there are several Wild Rift betting sites that deserve a mention:


We have yet another strong contender in our list, Loot.bet, which offers the best Loot.bet bonus code at the time. Coupled with their diverse betting market, it just might be the first few pioneers in Wild Rift betting soon. On that note, our Loot.bet review will demonstrate what makes it an exceptional pick for your dose of Wild Rift betting.


GGbet tops the cake when it comes to offering various games to bet on, Wild Rift betting is no exception. Needless to say, it also provides the typical betting experience that is expected from a well-established bookmaker.

Ttheir odds are worth checking out if you are looking for the best deal for a particular match. It’s usually relatively fair odds, but you could always build a unique betting slip with its niche market offerings. Of course, don’t forget about the GGBET bonus to kickstart your betting experience.

3. BET365

Bet365 esports is no stranger to the esports betting market, plausibly the largest too. It provides a seamless betting experience for more than 45 million happy users. If the numbers aren’t convincing enough, then consider hands-on experience yourself with the exclusive Bet365 bonus.

LoL Wild Rift Betting Tips

Much of our LoL betting tips translate well into Wild Rift. Whilst the ecosystem is yet to fully develop, within a few months the best Wild Rift teams and players will be known. After that is all about analyzing the best potential outcome and placing your bet. Due to the game being almost a mobile version of LoL, much of the same markets from the original title translate well into Wild Rift.

With the gameplay and champion skillsets staying relatively the same, you can expect the various betting markets to be identical as well:

  • Exact score of the match
  • First blood
  • Total kills
  • Map handicap

These betting markets are heavily contributed by factors, such as team composition. Say if the team has multiple burst-damage dealers, indicating a higher chance of securing first blood. Or if the game has effective champions against the Dragons and Baron, then we might see an objective-oriented match, hinting a calmer a massive map handicap.

We are pretty confident that Wild Rift betting will be an enjoyable experience, like many other Esports options. Couple with Tencent’s grand scheme to push Wild Rift as the next mobile Esports phenomenon. And the various esports betting sites offering exclusive services to bet on League of Legends Wild Rift.

Finally, Wild Rift is fully optimized for Live Betting as well. Do keep in mind that matches are fast and markets will shift quite faster then regular League of Legends, thus creating a high adrenaline rush to hit the right odds at the right time.

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

Live Stream
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Betting Options
Live Stream
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Live Stream
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Betting Options

It goes without saying that Wild Rift betting should be on your bucket list of esports betting markets to try in 2021. If it isn’t, then perhaps consider watching the action unfold at the Worlds 2021 to change your mind.