Wild Rift SEA Championship Playoffs – Play-In teams dominate the Rift

Wild Rift has made a lot of progress since its release, appealing to fans of League of legends and new players. The game has always had great esports potential, and it seems to be getting even bigger and fulfilling that potential. The Wild Rift SEA Championship is a regional event, but it covers what might be the most popular region for the entire game. Competitors are up against each other for part of a $200,000 prize pool. Two teams also stand to win their place at the 2021 World Championship for Wild Rift.

This is what you need to know about the tournament, and what’s happened so far.

Wild Rift SEA Championship


Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021

The Wild Rift SEA Championship is a regional final for the game. This is going to find the top team in this part of the world, following on from prior tournaments. 20 teams from the SEA region are competing, alongside 1 from the Oceania.

Wild Rift SEA Play Ins & Group Stage Recap

Both stages took place between September 14th-26th , with twelve teams competing in both play ins and groups. The play-in winners were Divine, Flash Wolves, Team Flash, along with Buriram Unites in the last chance to qualify.

Interestingly, it was the LCQ team Buriram and play-in winners Divine that looked most dominant at the event. The group stage saw SVP, Team Flash, Geek Fam and Alliance all eliminated after neither of the four managed to earn a single win. Granted the event had draw as an option, but failing to earn one clean series is the bar for anyone vying to be the next big Wild Rift team.

Wild Rift SEA Championship Group Results


Wild Rift SEA Championship Playoffs

The playoffs to decide the finals is going to begin September 30th with the Grand Finals slated for October 3rd. The bracket is double-elimination with the winners also qualifying for the World Championship. The Grand Finals show will feature an opening act by Korean girl group Aespa. For those unfamiliar, the group was formed earlier last year, and their debut single “Black Mamba” became the number one KPOP song on QQ Music. With their upcoming album releasing next week, we might witness a new single being showcased.

Wild Rift SEA 2021 Bracket

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With the way the Playoffs bracket is divided, we are likely going to see Divine and Buriram clash once again. The winner of that match is likely advancing all the way to the Grand Finals.

Wild Rift SEA Championship Odds

That’s how the tournament is going to be running. While this is still a build-up for the Wild Rift World Championship, it is going to be an exciting opportunity for Wild Rift betting. Now that we’re through to the final bracket, more esports bookmakers are covering this game. That by itself is a good sign of Wild Rift’s healthy growth. In terms of Wild Rift odds though, who can look towards to win this event and secure their place at the World Championship. 

There aren’t any odds for the overall winner of the tournament right now. However, looking at individual matches we can make some predictions based on the odds. Going off of LOOT.BET, it looks like Team Secret (x1.44) have a clear advantage up against MBR Esports (x2.66). However, the match doesn’t seem to be all too close, so there’s still a chance of getting a good win off this match. The other early game here is Divine Esports v EVOS. While, EVOS (x1.66) look stronger on paper, based on previous series, Divine (x2.14) might come up with an upset.

The Wild Rift SEA Championship is taking competitive Wild Rift to a new stage, make sure you check out the action in the final bracket and see who goes forward to Wild Rift’s next big event.

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