World Series of Warzone Returns in Season Three of MWII

It was recently revealed by the Call of Duty Esports channel on Twitter that the World Series of Warzone is making a comeback in Season Three. It’s going to be bigger than ever before, featuring an all-new format that gives every team in the world the opportunity to compete in the WSoW. It all begins on April 12th, when Season Three kicks off, and then on April 27th, the opening qualification playlist becomes available on Warzone 2.

There’s a massive $1.2 million prize pool up for grabs, and the tournament will run until September when the $600,000 Global Final takes place. It was reported that, as a grand opportunity for all competitors, every team that successfully qualifies for the Grand Final will have its travel and accommodation covered by Activision. This is a huge win for the smaller, ad-hoc organisations that don’t have the financial backing to allow them to travel around the world for a tournament.

The World Series of Warzone is Back

This will be the third season of the most valuable tournament in the Warzone ecosystem. It has been a monumental event in the past, drumming up some memorable moments for viewers. For instance, at the tail end of the 2021 season, legendary Call of Duty pro player, Scump, proved that he can really do it all, securing first-place in the $100k Solos event. Last year, up-and-comer, BBlade, stole the top spot twice in the EU region, launching himself into the limelight.

To advertise the new World Series of Warzone season, the Call of Duty Esports page on Twitter released a charming breakdown:

This year also marks the arrival of the first-ever in-person World Series of Warzone events. In September, the Global Final will take place in a LAN environment, and there are two major online stages to be completed in North America and Europe before that spectacular event arrives. Also for the first time, players in Mexico, Brazil, LATAM North, LATAM South, Asia, ANZ, and MEA will be allowed to qualify for the World Series of Warzone’s Global Final.

How to Qualify for the World Series of Warzone

world series of warzone

Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

There aren’t many requirements for teams looking to compete in the World Series of Warzone. Here’s what’s needed:

  • Teams must be Trios, and they’ll need GameBattles accounts in good standing.
  • On GameBattles, the teams must sign up for the WSOW and then start competing in the WSOW Trios playlist in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.
  • There will be open qualifiers between the dates stated on the WSOW website.
  • Over time, teams will climb the ranks based on their performance, advancing through the stages on their way to the Global Final.

It’s an exciting time to be a Call of Duty Warzone fan. It’s no big secret that players have been disappointed with the game since it launched in November 2022, but it seems like things are finally on the up.

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