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WoW MDI Season 2 – Mythic Dungeon Group Recap and Finals Preview

Since its launch, the MDI competition for World of Warcraft has been one of their most exciting competitive events. While it isn’t exactly their oldest, the MDI tournament takes a different approach to competitive World of Warcraft. It features unique dungeon gameplay based on speed runs. The second season of this exciting event is currently underway. We’ve already seen some great runs take place over the first two groups in the WoW MDI Season 2 tournament. There are still two more ahead before we reach the finals. This is what you need to know about the tournament ahead and what you might have missed so far.

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WoW MDI Season 2

The Mythic Dungeon International is kicking off the main portion of its second season. The event is being held across three stages, and we are currently in the second stage of the event. For a full view of the format and structure refer to our MDI Season 2 Format news article.

We’ve already seen the MDI time trials take place in August. This decided which teams were going to forward to the group stages. From here, teams were placed into a few groups to fight it out for a spot in the finals.

Group A and B have already gotten underway with a few teams going forward into the finals. However, we still have Group C to take place for this event. Following that, we get the ‘Last Chance’ group. This provides some other teams an opportunity to get into those finals for the event. While none of them are the top teams to watch in the event if you’re looking at esports betting they could still surprise us.

WoW MDI Season 2 – Group A and B Recap

The MDI Shadowlands Season 2 has been running for a little while already. While we have quite a bit of time to go before the event concludes, the first two teams have already completed their runs. This s what you might have missed.

Group A

Group A started things off with Perplexed showcasing a good performance the whole way through. This team are currently looking like the favorite for the event, standing at the top of a few metrics for the team’s performance. Their final match was up against Team Name. While the game was close, Perplexed look set to stand out when it comes to the finals soon.

After an insane 0 deaths – 12:26 run in Plaguefall, Perplexed closed out the weekend with only a single map loss. Commiserations for Team Name, who were the only team able to take a dungeon run off the Europeans in the opening weekend.


Group B

The Group B tournament for MDI Season 2 has only just wrapped up. The last match was completed with a simple 2-0 win, although it did not reflect how close the fight between Complexity and Obey was. Complexity barely came out in the top spot for this group. They had a solid and fast pass through the weekend, being able to achieve some good things in the groups. Obey was another standout team here, however, Complexity did win the overall event. This puts both teams through to the finals.

What to watch for in the Event

For the rest of the event that’s running, we have three more major competitions to look at. It starts with Group C. This is going to follow the same format as Group A and Group B. There are a number of decent teams playing in this group. If you’re looking at World of Warcraft betting for the event, then Echo and Omega Pump are definitely teams to look towards. Across earlier games, these teams have proven themselves to be standouts for this season. If they can make it through to the finals will likely be contenders there too.

Echo was the second best team in the time trials only 26 seconds behind Perplexed overall. Based on how much we saw Perplexed improve since then, and their times in Week 1, expect Echo to showcase some skills of their own and push the timers even further.

The Last Chance is a bit more open for the rest of the event. This is a chance for teams to claw back a qualification place after missing out previously. This group is going to have some tight and tense competition. Since this is the final stop before the finals, teams have a lot at stake. Whichever team makes it through the Last Chance is taking some real momentum and energy into the finals.

Once we arrive at the finals for the MDI Shadowlands, things are fairly wide open in terms of predictions and which team has the best chances. Perplexed definitely has stood out so far in the competition. While Complexity did great in Group B, they haven’t looked quite as strong so far. Things can be unpredictable this far in though, so keep an eye on the broadcasts to find out how things shape up.

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