Yordle – League of Legends Version of Wordle is Available!

Wordle, the word-based puzzle game, has really taken the world by storm over the last few weeks. The game is simple, but the tricky puzzle has become a huge viral hit. The game only runs once a day, adding to its appeal. However, it has left some players looking for more puzzles each day!

This has led to a wave of Wordle-like games, each with its own unique twist! That’s where YordLe comes in, a LoL version of Wordle:

Yordle LoL Wordle

Yordle – What is Yordle?

Yordle is an unofficial League of Legends version of the Wordle guessing game. The gameplay is the same as in Wordle, but with a LoL theme. Players get one puzzle once a day. They have six tries to guess a five-letter word. Each guess will give players a yellow indicator for a letter that’s in the word but in the wrong place, or a green indicator for a letter that is in the right place.  Players have to use this limited information to figure out which word is right that week.

The social media friendly aspects of the game have been a big part of popularizing it in recent weeks. An emoji grid of the game can be shared once a player is finished, showing how many guesses and what they guessed they came to the right word. Players like to flex on their vocabulary, or maybe just their good luck with guessing. This is all without spoiling what the word itself is. Wordle itself is strictly limited to one word per day. With scarcity, there’s plenty of space for similar games to pop up.

Yorlde was made by a fan of both Wordle and League of Legends. The game combined the two. Players have the same guessing game style as Wordle. However, the word is something from League of Legends. This can be a champion name or something else like an item or skill name. This narrows things down, but it also opens up more unconventional spellings to guess from. The game is unofficial, but it’s a fun puzzle game for fans of LoL.

My friend and I did a website similar to Wordle but with League of Legends champions. from leagueoflegends

Other Esports Wordles

The Yordle LoL Wordle game isn’t the only crossover version of the game around! Loads of different esports games and other big worlds in gaming have popped up with their own fan-created versions of Wordle in recent weeks.

Fortnite, among others, has one that’s been made called Squabble. There’s even a creative map that lets you play Wordle in the game. Titles like DOTA, Valorant, and CSGO all have World variants kicking around at the moment! Some of these are a bit more limited or restrictive in how many words are even available to guess. The CSGO version in particular is mainly limited to weapon names which reduce the possible words down quite a bit.

These variations are a fun crossover between the worlds of esports and the popular puzzle guessing game. At the moment, you can basically find a Wordle that grabs its words from any game to suit where your interests are!

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