Zorua won’t spawn in Pokémon GO until bug is fixed

Zorua was supposed to spawn in Pokémon GO during tonight’s Spotlight Hour, which will feature Shuppet. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The Pokémon is experiencing a key bug that is allowing it to retain the CP, height, attacks and more from the Pokémon it originally took the form of.

This bug is harmful because it could end up with players owning a Zorua with much higher CP than it’s supposed to or access to moves it shouldn’t have. The height and other stats being off isn’t good, either.

Until the bug is resolved, Niantic has removed Zorua from the game. Unless it’s fixed by 6 pm local time, trainers who go out during Spotlight Hour will not see it spawn.

Given the vast array of time zones in which the game is played, many trainers might have already caught the creature on its debut. If that’s the case, then they will retain it in their Pokémon storage. However, they cannot trade it until the bug is fixed.

Trainers are unable to send it to Pokémon Home or use it in the GO Battle League, either. It is effectively unusable until the bug is removed.


The Tricky Fox Pokémon was supposed to debut today

Rest assured, Niantic is working on the issue and Zorua will be available at some point. Unfortunately, it will not likely be when they originally wanted it to be.

How were trainers supposed to catch Zorua?

Since everything has gone wrong with Zorua, this may change, but Niantic had a special plan for catching their latest creature.

Trainers needed to get their Buddy Pokémon on the map with them. For the first five minutes of the Spotlight Hour, copies of their buddy would show up on the map. This would happen even if it was a Shiny Mewtwo or something else that can’t spawn in the wild.

This would happen again in the last five minutes of the hour, too.

Clicking on those copies would trigger a Zorua encounter. The Tricky Fox Pokémon, as it is aptly called, was the reason behind the fake spawns. From there, trainers could catch it as they would any other Pokémon.

Assuming Niantic is eventually able to get the bug removed, trainers can expect a similar method to catching Zorua.

In the meantime, try and find a Shiny Shuppet during its Spotlight Hour!

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