Whether you’re a streamer or a viewer, the day may come when you want to delete your account. It could be a sad day – you may be leaving the platform after many happy years because you’re not satisfied with it, or it may just be a case of needing to move on and do other things. Don’t worry, whatever your reasons may be, we’re here today to teach you how to delete a Twitch account, and close your channel for good.

There are other options besides fully closing your Twitch account. For instance, you can temporarily disable the account if you want to take a break from streaming without fully removing your Twitch account from the platform. It’s worth bearing in mind that a deleted account can never be recovered, so if you’ve permanently removed it, you’d best be sure you’ve made the right decision.

how to delete a twitch account

How To Temporarily Disable a Twitch Account

If you’re needing a break from Twitch but don’t want to close your account, you can disable it instead. This is as simple as following a few basic steps:

  1. Navigate to your Twitch profile settings, then scroll down the menu until you see ‘Disable Your Twitch Account‘.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on the option, you’ll be prompted to write in your channel name as a verification step.
  3. If you want to, you can leave a comment explaining why you’re disabling the account – which is an optional step.

Once you’ve disabled your account, you’re free to re-enable it at any given moment. It’s a case of simply signing back in and clicking ‘Reactivate‘ when prompted. That’s all there is to it! Now, let’s learn how to delete a Twitch account. It’s not exactly one of the best tips in our guides to streaming, but it’s something you may need to do someday.

Disable twitch account

How to Delete a Twitch Account

It’s just as easy to learn how to delete a Twitch account as it is to learn how to disable one. The steps are remarkably similar but the end result is much different, as when you delete your account, you absolutely cannot recover it. It has to be the right decision for you because once you’ve deleted your Twitch account, it’ll be gone for good, regardless of if you’re one of the most subbed Twitch streamers or a brand-new content creator.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to delete your Twitch account:

  1. Navigate to your Twitch profile settings, then scroll down until you see ‘Disable Your Twitch Account’
  2. There will be an option to navigate to the ‘Delete Account‘ page
  3. Once on the ‘Delete Account’ page, you can enter your account username, and if you want to, you can tell Twitch why you’re deleting your account
  4. Click ‘Delete Account‘, and that’s it – it’s all finished.
    delete twitch account

If you want to start streaming on Twitch ever again, you’ll need to create an entirely new profile from scratch and start again from the beginning. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s up to you to make that final decision – if there’s any chance that you think you’ll become a streamer again, then you’ll need to disable your account rather than delete it.