If you’re a PC gamer – or any kind of gamer, for that matter – you’ve probably heard of Discord. It’s the leading communications platform for modern players, giving them a solution to chat, stream, and collaborate with friends, fans, and like-minded individuals. There’s an optional subscription for the platform called Discord Nitro, but it might not be immediately obvious what it is. With this guide, we’ll answer the question, ‘what is Discord Nitro’, telling you all that you need to know.

From breaking down the difference in the Discord Nitro tiers to determining whether Nitro is worth it, this is a one-shot guide to the platform’s ‘premium’ subscription. If you’re eager to find out if you can get free Discord Nitro, or if you’re desperate to learn the benefits of Nitro on Discord itself, then read on – we’ve blown the whole thing wide open.

what is discord nitro

What is Discord Nitro?

To put it simply, Discord Nitro is an optional premium subscription that users can pay for on a monthly basis that gives them access to several advantages on the Discord platform. It’s a relatively beneficial subscription for users that find themselves cracking open the Discord app quite regularly. If you’re the owner of a server or if you participate in several custom servers, then you can use Discord Nitro to help out yourself and others.

That’s essentially Discord Nitro explained in a single paragraph!

So, let’s take a look at the subscription service: what is the difference between Discord Nitro and Classic?

Firstly, that’s an old naming convention, as the split is now known as Nitro Basic and Nitro. At the lower end of the spectrum, Nitro Basic ($3 per month) provides the following advantages:

  • 50 MB file upload limit
  • Use custom emojis anywhere
  • Nitro badge on your profile

But the Nitro subscription ($10 per month), which sits at the top end of the spectrum, is much more valuable. If you’re wondering, ‘is Nitro worth it’, then check out what you’ll get for subscribing:

  • 500 MB file upload limit
  • Use custom emojis anywhere
  • HD Streaming (which turns Discord into one of the best live streaming apps)
  • Access to ‘Activities’
  • 2 ‘Server Boosts’
  • Custom profiles

Can You Get Free Discord Nitro?

Technically, the only way you can get Discord Nitro permanently is to subscribe to the service. However, there are some tricks that you can pull to get free Discord Nitro, even if it’s a temporary thing. Firstly, pay attention to the inner workings of the internet and keep an eye open for promotional events. Every so often, a platform like Epic Games will offer a free month of Discord Nitro, which you can claim with no strings attached, boosting your account for that period of time.

Discord itself may run promotions too, offering discounts, free trials, and gift subscriptions for Nitro. That brings us to the next way that you can technically get free Discord Nitro: gifts. Ultimately, you can be gifted Discord Nitro, but what happens if a Discord Nitro gift expires? Well, you lose access to the subscription and all the benefits associated with it, that’s all.

Is Nitro Worth It On Discord?

There are several key benefits to having a Nitro subscription on Discord, and they’re much more valuable if you lose the platform a lot. For instance, if you’re trying to learn how to stream on Discord, then having a Nitro subscription makes all the difference. It’ll allow you to stream to a server or a channel with full HD resolution and up to 60 frames per second, making for a crisp, clear stream.

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering how to stream 60FPS on Discord without Nitro, you’re going to be upset by the answer – you can’t. There’s only one way to put out the highest quality stream possible on Discord, and that’s with a full Nitro subscription – not Nitro Basic.

discord nitro benefits

If you’re a subscriber, you can also boost your favourite servers, and the full Nitro package lets you boost two independent, custom servers. This is something that will be massively appreciated by the server owner, as with enough boosts, a server unlocks so many more advantages. This is one of the best Discord Nitro benefits, and here’s what you can bring to a server with it:

  • Extra custom emoji slots (up to 250!)
  • Higher audio quality in chat channels
  • Customisable server banner and go-live streams
  • Boosted upload limit for all members
  • Advanced archival options
  • Private threads

For a grand total of $9.99 a month, that’s not a bad deal!

Can You Become A Streamer With Discord Nitro?

So, you’ve answered the all-important question, ‘what is Discord Nitro’, but now it’s time to go beyond that. These days, millions of people are trying to become streamers, but can Discord really help you accomplish that goal? If you’re learning how to start streaming, is Discord an appropriate place to pick up those early-journey skills?

Well, yes. If you’re a Discord Nitro subscriber, you can stream in HD and at 60 FPS, which isn’t even guaranteed on Twitch or YouTube. With this, you can effectively host or enter a server (provided it’s within the rules of that server) and go live, putting out a broadcast for everyone and anyone to tune into. They’ll need to be a member of that server, but you can understand exactly how it would work.

By doing this, you’re not streaming publicly like you would be on Twitch, but privately, to a small, curated audience. It’s a great way to learn how to grow on Twitch because you’ll be picking up the skills required to be a small content creator. On the other hand, you can stream your gameplay to just one person, perhaps entertaining them for a period of time while they’re busy doing something but still want a little communication with a friend.

Discord Nitro really does bring people together!

Should I Have Discord Nitro If I Own A Server?

If you’re running your own server, then you should absolutely use Discord Nitro. It’ll give your server extra benefits right off the bat, and as a server owner, you will stand out as being more ‘legitimate’ because you have your Nitro squared away, ready to go. For the most part, the customisable benefits introduced by Discord Nitro can be utilised only by the server owner, so you’re in the best place possible by default.

Then, when you’re building up your community, you could form friendships with the members of your server and they may feel like picking up Discord Nitro just to boost your platform! It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and it means that your server becomes a much more advanced, welcoming, and collaborative place for users.

That’s Discord Nitro explained – we hope we’ve covered all of your questions and you’re looking forward to picking up the benefits of a subscription.

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