In February 2021, Twitch changed the game. The multi-platform streaming service announced that it is once again legal for Twitch streamers to stream themselves sleeping. This was an interesting announcement as Twitch formally banned the act, previously calling it ‘idle content’. In this guide, we take a look at that concept and answer a very important question: why do people Twitch in their sleep?

why do people twitch in their sleep

What are Sleep Streams

Sleep Streams are a form of streaming where the stream is live, but the streamer is either not present or not active on the stream. Sleep streams are pretty simple and easy to set up and can be a very unique viewing experience for your stream. They are also some of the longest twitch streams.

But why do people Twitch in their sleep?

How To Do A Sleep Stream On Twitch

You must follow these steps closely to do a sleep stream on Twitch.

  • Step One: The first and most important is to add your stream to the “I’m Only Sleeping” or the “Sleep” category.
  • Step Two: Once you have added your stream to one of these two categories, set up your equipment and your stream.
  • Step Three: Make sure you have someone to mod your stream while you sleep
  • Step Four: The last step is a no brainer, “Go to Sleep”

It is important to note that Twitch can punish streamers who stream in the wrong category.

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Tips for a Successful Sleep Stream

After arranging a solid streaming setup, here are a couple of tips to help you get started with sleep streaming.

  • Setup a nice non-provocative environment
  • Have a long-lasting camera battery
  • Wear the appropriate attire; even if you are sleeping, Twitch will still hold you responsible if you violate their terms of service.
  • Have proper lighting
  • Have good audio
  • Have one of your most trusted mods moderate your stream

Why Do Streamers Sleep On Twitch?

There are two main reasons why streamers sleep on Twitch

  • To keep the stream continuously running:
  • To create a unique viewing environment for the viewers.

How Streamers Make Money Sleeping on Twitch

There are two popular ways people make money sleeping on Twitch.

  • Donations are a relatively simple way to allow users to interact with you while you are sleeping, and audiences often enjoy posting annoying messages.
  • Viewers can also make donations in exchange for posting links to videos that will play live on the broadcast.
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Asian Andy made $16,000 in one sleep stream. (Image Credit: Asian Andy)

The Downside to Sleep Streaming

  • The fact that you are sleeping does not exempt you from Twitch’s terms of service. Anything that occurs on your stream or anything offensive said in the chat is still your responsibility.
  • Twitch will not be held responsible for perverts and stalkers, so your appearance and the information you release are important.


Now sleep streams may not be for every streamer, but it is definitely a unique streaming idea that could help build some hype around your channel. Sleeping on Twitch isn’t the best way to grow your channel and should generally be used by channels with a dedicated following that could enjoy that type of interaction. So, if you’ve been wondering, why do people Twitch in their sleep, we hope that this article helps you come to the answer.

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FAQs on Streamers Sleeping on Twitch

Does Twitch allow multi-streaming?

If you are not an Affiliate or Partner, then yes.

Do Sleep Streamers earn a lot of money?

Sleep Streamers earn as much as regular streamers. Sleeping is now a category on Twitch.

Can you be nude or half-nude during sleep streams?

No, Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities are heavily banned

Are sleep streams safe?

Like any other internet service, you are responsible for your safety while streaming. Be extra careful not to disclose personal or sensitive information on the stream.

Can I play youtube videos while I am asleep?

Yes, you can. Although optional, it is a tactic popularly used by people new to sleep streams.