Is COD MW Cross-Platform?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released in 2019, and it quickly became the best-selling COD title in franchise history. It served as a reboot to the ever-popular Modern Warfare franchise that first emerged more than a decade before, and fans were extremely happy with its delivery. It boasted a fantastic, popular multiplayer platform that eventually spawned Warzone, a battle royale mode. Today, we’re taking a closer look at that platform, answering the question, is COD MW cross-platform?

For modern gamers, a multiplayer game almost has to be a crossplay title for it to succeed. It’s a feature that ensures a game can build the biggest, most seamless community possible. With a cross-platform game, players can link up with their friends, regardless of what platform they’re on. It may have been one of the most popular Call of Duty titles in recent years, but is COD MW cross-platform?

Let’s find out.

How Was Modern Warfare Different?

call of duty modern warfare 2 crossplay

When Modern Warfare was introduced in 2019, it changed the Call of Duty formula. Firstly, the developers did away with the classic season pass and loot box format, instead opting for a ‘seasonal’ structure that broke the multiplayer up into periodic segments. It introduced a gritty, hyper-realistic story that received high praise, and the multiplayer modes available were some of the best players had seen in years.

Out of all Call of Duty games to emerge in the last few years, Modern Warfare was considered to be something special. It was a reboot of arguably the most popular sub-franchise in the history of the series, and it’s set to continue in earnest. Since Modern Warfare dropped and moved on, many players and fans of the franchise have been asking, ‘is Call of Duty dying‘? Following Modern Warfare, the likes of Cold War and Vanguard launched, and both were seen as quite disappointing titles.

It was a game-changing title and remains so today, but are there any COD MW crossplay features? For those looking for the best COD pro settings, cross-platform mechanics are quite important, but are they a thing in Modern Warfare?

Is COD MW Cross-Platform?

is cod mw cross platform

Image Credit: Activision

Not only is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cross-platform, it was the first COD title in history to be a crossplay game. When it launched in 2019, COD MW boasted crossplay mechanics that enabled players to connect across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. It was a revolutionary step forward for the franchise, allowing players to team up regardless of which platform they called home. It’s one of the best crossplay games on the market, especially considering the depth of the mechanics present.

For instance, Call of Duty cross-progression features were also introduced with COD MW. With modern Call of Duty games, your account is more important than your local saves. If you change platform, you can simply recover your account and all of your progression thus far will be restored.

In 2022, the next iteration of the Modern Warfare franchise will release. As it’s a set standard for the franchise at this point, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 crossplay features will certainly be present. There are few first-person shooter titles with such seamless cross-platform mechanics, and it’s one of the reasons that Call of Duty sits at the top of the table.