CoD Vanguard Weapons Guide

There’s two rules of war: know your enemy, and know your weapons. Seeing as you can never know you’ll be facing online, we have decided to create an up-to-date favoured list of CoD Vanguard weapons so you have that right at least. With our support, you will be able to select the strongest weapons that can aide you best in matches. With a large diversity of maps, it is key to have a differing range of weapons in all classes to support yourself. In the future we will publish a category guide for each class, so keep informed through our dedicated CoD esports section.

CoD Vanguard: Assault Rifles

Weapons in class: STG 44, Automaton, ITRA Burst, BAR, AS44, NZ-41, Volkssturmgewehr, Copper Carbine, KG M40

Weapon of choice: Automaton

CoD Vanguard Automaton

Image: Activision

This weapon can outperform the others in close-range duels. There is not a lot to separate the top Assault Rifles, but we have found Automaton can get the job done in many situations. Despite having a lower 25-round mag, it carries its power through speed and accuracy. It is a weapon that is still a favourite in the Call of Duty Pro League. With utilising the attachments listed below, you can compete extremely well in long-medium range and still crush competition in short range.

Recommended Attachments:

Mercury Silencer, Zac FA Short, Slate Reflector, Zac Skeletal, M1941 Hand Stop, Stippled Grip, 8MM Klauser Rifle 50 Mag

CoD Vanguard: Sub-Machine Guns

Weapons in category: MP-40, STEN, M1928, Owen Gun, Type 100, PPSH- 41, Welgun, Armaguerra 43,

Weapon of choice: MP40

warzone mp40

Image: Activision

Yes, we have noticed that amongst public matches, league play and professional CDL matches, that the MP40 is the top pick for most SMG runners. What is incredible about the weapon, is its ability to chunk down enemies with deadly accuracy. A strong sound design and gun animations also make handling it feel great. Throughout Vanguard’s lifecycle and countless updates, this had been the best in its class and will be difficult to move from that spot.

Recommended Attachments:

Recoil Booster, No 3 Rifle Break, Krausnick 317MM 04B, Krausnick Is01M, SMLE Pistol Grip, Fabric Grip, Krausnick 33M Folding

Sniper Rifles

Weapons in category: Type 99, 3-Line Rifle, KAR98K, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Weapon of choice: KAR98K

CoD Vanguard Kar98k

Image: Activision

Regardless of maps producing great positions for AR’s, Shotguns and SMG players, there is plenty of opportunity for Snipers to reap the rewards. Inside of public matches the average player will rarely look at higher ground positions and will try to get involved in gunfights as quickly as possible. This is where our mobile, accurate and heavy hitting sniper can prosper. Even if you miss a shot, you can quickly reposition to carry on taking shots at any player in sight. In addition, your ADS speed with the below attachments will be the quickest possible for a Sniper, leaving you a huge advantage.

Recommended attachments: L Brake, Krausnick 560MM LWS03K, Short Stock, GF-59 Flashlight, 5.6MM 20 Round Mags, FMJ Rounds, Fabric Grip, Quick Scope, Fully Loaded


Weapons in category: M1 Garand, SVT-40, G-43

Weapon of choice: M1 Garand

CoD Vanguard M1 Garand

Image: Activision

A Marskman rifle can be one of the most satisfying classes to utilise when done correctly. They are the class between AR and Sniper which can lead the right player to great success. We have found a weapon set up which will allow you to be highly accurate, experience little recoil, deal big damage, and grant high mobility. The Garand is one of the most iconic of CoD Vanguard weapons and for the series as a whole, and it hasn’t failed us yet.

Recommended attatchments: L Brake, Cooper 21 Shrouded, M1941 Hand Stop, Slate Reflector, Stippled Grip, Cooper Adjustable, .30-06 16 Round Drums


Weapons in category: MG42, DP27, Type 11, Bren, Whitley

Weapons of choice: Type 11

CoD Vanguard Type 11

Image: Activision

A big issue with LMG’s in Vanguard is their mobility. With most maps being fast paced, it can leave LMG players at a huge disadvantage, unless they are set up in power positions with ideal protection. After hours of testing out set-ups, we have found a class that can enable you to move smoothly, hit very hard, and experience virtually no recoil. With a large clip, no recoil and better mobility, you can eliminate squads in little time.

Recommended attachments: Recoil Booster, Sakura 487MM Shrouded, SMLE Pistol Grip, Slate Reflector, Fabric Grip, Removed Stock, 6.5MM Sakura 90 Round Drums


Weapons in category: Einhorn Revolving, Combat Shotgun, Gracey Auto, Double Barrel

Weapon of choice: Einhorn Revolving

CoD Vanguard Einhorn

Image: Activision

Surprisingly, Shotguns are more viable in the current version of Vanguard than previous ones. Gameplay tends to be more hectic rather than organised which leaves many opportunities to cause disruption. For this reason, we have found the perfect shotgun and attachments that will allow you to one shot anything from a good range. Remember to rank this weapon up fully to unlock all attachments, with shipment or Das Haus being a great solution for levelling up.

Recommended attachments: A5 Smoothbore, SMLE Pistol Grip, Klauser 710MM 02B, Slate Reflector, Reisdorf Folding, Fabric Grip, 16 Gauge 7 Round