Is CSGO Crossplay? Our CSGO Cross-Platform Guide

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a 5v5 tactical FPS game where you and 4 others fight to either attack or defend bomb sites. Typically there are 2 bomb sites, A and B. The terrorists try to eliminate the counter-terrorists and/or plant a bomb on 1 of the 2 bomb sites and protect it until it detonates. While as a counter-terrorist, your goal is to stop this from happening. And we are here today to answer one key question, Is CSGO crossplay?

is csgo crossplay

CSGO was released over a decade ago, so the common question for a game this old, is CSGO dying? And the answer is no, CSGO is still thriving. In fact, it remains one of the most popular games on PC with over 1 million concurrent players most of the time, allowing it to compete with the best free crossplay games. CSGO is also compatible on Steam for the Macintosh and Linux platforms. As you would expect, with a game this popular, the question of whether CSGO has cross-platform multiplayer or not is a frequent one.

Why is CSGO so popular?

CSGO is one of few titles released in the 5v5 tactical FPS. Because of this, CSGO has a huge community that loves to play, gamble, and watch. The skins and items that you can collect from opening crates in game bring with them their own world. In this world people love to sell, trade, and gamble their skins. Finally, CSGO is one of the largest and most active esports, with a tournament going on nearly every time you open twitch. Whether it is for $1000 or $1,000,000 the top teams are constantly competing.

One of the most asked questions when it comes to CSGO is, how can I get better at CSGO? While there isn’t a direct answer to this question, some ways you can get better at CSGO are, looking at CSGO pro players settings to optimise your game, playing and progressing through the CSGO ranks, and playing in workshop maps to improve aim.

Is CSGO Crossplay?

It’ll be best to first understand exactly, what is crossplay. Crossplay allows one gamer on one platform to play with and against players from other platforms, such as playing on a PC with your friend who is playing on an Xbox. With the gaming world evolving and people wanting to play games with their friends more often, the demand for crossplay is becoming increasing.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, macOS, and Linux platforms. However, because of Valve not supporting the console variants of CSGO due to them believing the game is more catered to PC players, CSGO has limited cross-play. This means players using Microsoft Windows can play online multiplayer with those who are using Steam on the Mac OS and Linux systems. Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform meaning PC players can not play with or against Xbox or Playstation players. Along with this, CSGO does not have cross-generation multiplayer or cross-progression of any sort. This makes the console parts essentially obsolete.

Is CSGO on PS4? Is CSGO on Xbox One? No, Valve did not release CSGO on Xbox One or Playstation 4 and currently has no plans to release it on either Xbox Series S/X or Playstation 5.

What is next for CSGO

Counter Strike, while already an “old” game still has a bright future. With the release of Valorant, Valve have begun working on new content for the game, such as a battle pass type system for users to collect more skins and items, as well as more balance updates and map changes.