Is ESO Cross-Platform?

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, boasting tens of millions of users. It was released in 2014 and has hovered around the top of the charts ever since, offering users a best-in-class game that boasts a staggering open-world map. There are dozens of potential classes and playstyles to soak up and hundreds of quests, but how deep does the multiplayer aspect run? In this guide, we’re answering one question related to that: ‘Is ESO cross-platform?’

As an MMORPG, multiplayer mechanics sit at the heart of Elder Scrolls Online. There are many years left in the tank for this impressive title, and with fans around the world, there’s a global network just waiting for new users to step up and join a faction. There’s one thing that’s on the minds of most players, and that’s whether ESO crossplay mechanics exists.

Playing with others is central to having fun in an MMO. To many, it’s the community that gives these games so much meaning. But what about crossplay? After all, it’s a game that’s available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Can those platforms interconnect?

Let’s find out.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth It?

is eso cross platform

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Before we learn if ESO crossplay features exist, let’s determine whether or not the game is even worth it for the players. On the other side of the Bethesda table sits the Fallout franchise, and Fallout 76, the multiplayer release for that series, bombed relatively hard at launch and has been struggling to recover ever since. We can confirm that Fallout 76 cross-progression or crossplay features don’t exist, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Elder Scrolls Online has been well received since it was first released, enjoying positive reviews from the start. As the years have pushed on, ESO has seen more meaningful and valuable updates than Fallout 76, bringing players much more content to explore. However, the key difference here is that Fallout 76’s updates tend to be free, while ESO expansions are paid-for updates, operating similarly to World of Warcraft or The Sims expansions. Out of the Bethesda franchise MMO, Elder Scrolls is definitely the most popular.

ESO is similar to the traditional MMORPG experiences in more ways than just the expansion mechanics. For instance, the WoW ranking system is similar to ESO, as is the guild system, the raids, and the open-world events. Ultimately, Elder Scrolls Online is a popular, enjoyable game with plenty to see and do.

But, is ESO cross-platform, do ESO cross-progression features exist, and if so, how do you access them?

Is ESO Cross-Platform?

eso crossplay

Unfortunately, ESO crossplay features do not exist, but cross-generation functionality is present in the game. There’s no way to connect with and play with other gamers across formats, but you can cross over the generational gap to connect with other explorers. For instance, if you were on PlayStation 4, you could play with gamers on PlayStation 5. However, if you were playing ESO on Xbox Series X, you couldn’t connect with gamers on PC.

MMOs on console tend to have to make compromises with differing control schemes. This could make it difficult to enable cross-platform play. It does make sense ESO Online isn’t crossplay, even if the news is disappointing to those with friends on other platforms.

While Elder Scrolls Online cross-platform features do not exist, it’s still a fantastic game in its own right. Typically, the best crossplay games will be short-form, rapid-release experiences and not persistent, open-world adventures like Elder Scrolls Online. There’s nothing lost in the fact that ESO crossplay features aren’t a thing, and the game still offers players a brilliant adventure across all the regions of Tamriel.

This is a similar story to many of the open-world, sandbox titles out there. For instance, Red Dead Online crossplay features don’t exist, and Elden Ring crossplay isn’t a thing – it’s another cross-generational title, though. Ultimately, there are no expectations that Elder Scrolls Online will ever be crossplay, and there isn’t likely to be an Elder Scrolls Online 2 anytime soon. This is a persistent, constant, live-service game, and as such, there’s no ‘room’ for a sequel. We could see a crossplay update at some point. However, it doesn’t seem to be on the cards right now.