Twitch 1st Badge – How to get Twitch Founders Badge!

The Twitch Founder’s badge is a cool way to show your dedication to your favorite streamer or content creator. Not only is it extremely rare and hard to come by, but those who have one can rightfully brag with it.

There are plenty of different Twitch badges that users have and show off regularly, but none are as rare and coveted as the Founder’s Badge. Especially for those who have it for larger channels, the Twitch Founder Badge is the ultimate badge of honour.

Twitch Founder Badge

What does the founder badge mean on Twitch?

As the name implies, the Founder’s Badge is a badge given to certain Twitch subscribers. Like other rare badges, to get it, you have to meet a certain requirement. Then you can display it next to your username, along with things like Twitch prime badges and others. Unlike common badges, the Founder’s Badge isn’t available to just anyone, or on just any stream either. It’s a pretty exclusive club – and one that a lot of fans would love to get in on if they could.

Having a Twitch Founder Badge next to your name means you were one of the first ten people to support a content creator. The exclusive club is available only for the select few who were there as a given streamer was starting his career.

How to get the Twitch Founders Badge?

The Twitch 1st badge as it’s called due to its actual appearance is only available on certain channels – specifically, Twitch affiliates and Twitch partner channels. There, the 1st badge can replace the normal subscriber badge… but only for the first few people who ever subscribed to that channel. Here’s how to get the Twitch Founders Badge!

On Twitch affiliate channels, the first 10 people who ever subscribed to that channel receive it, while Twitch partner channels reward the first 25 people to subscribe. That means that between 10 and 25 people can get that badge for every affiliate and partner channel out there – and even then, the badge is only visible when they’re on that channel.

In other words, this highly sought-after badge isn’t something that anyone can request or get unless they happened to subscribe right when the channel was founded. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, unless the subscriber is still/again subscribed, they can’t see the channel either. In other words, even if that subscriber ‘claimed’ the Twitch 1st badge, it’ll only be visible while they are subscribed. Don’t worry, you don’t lose it if you end your subscription – as soon as you subscribe again, it comes back.

How to display it?

If you have the Twitch 1st badge, it’ll display on the channel you have it on automatically. If you have one and it doesn’t show, make sure you are an active subscriber – only then does it show up! If you’re wondering how to remove the Twitch Founder Badge – don’t worry, you can!

Should you for some reason not want to use the badge even though you have one, you can disable it in the settings – go to the security and privacy section of your profile, and scroll down. There, you’ll see a ‘Hide Founders Badge’ option, and when you flip that switch, it’ll hide all Founders Badges you may have! Of course, you can re-enable them again there as well.

How to claim a Twitch Founders Badge?

You don’t need to! When a creator joins the Twitch Affiliates or Twitch Partners, their subscribers are automatically notified – assuming, of course, they still have their Twitch profiles. When a streamer moves from Affiliate to Partner, subscriber numbers 11 through 25 are notified automatically. It’s worth noting that the badge does NOT go to the first few subscribers after the content creator becomes an Affiliate or Partner – but to the first few ever, long before they were popular!

Users who deleted their account since then will not receive a badge – nor will anyone who’s received a site-wide suspension by Twitch. You’ll be eligible if you got a gifted sub, but only if you choose to continue your subscription. If you cancel, the next person in the ‘queue’ will receive the badge. The good news is that both Amazon Prime subs and regular subs count, and make you eligible for your very own Twitch Founders Badge!