Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform and Crossplay?

Gang Beasts was released in 2017 as a unique ‘beat ’em up party game’ that sees players assume control of hilariously floppy gummy-style characters. There’s a core goal to knock other players out of the map and be the last ragdoll standing, and over the years, more maps, modes, and customisation options have been released. In this guide, we’re targeting one key question: ‘Is Gang Beasts cross-platform?’ It’s something that’s on the mind of prospective fans the world over, and in this breakdown, we’re taking a look at Gang Beasts crossplay mechanics.

Also, if you’ve been wondering how to invite someone on Gang Beasts cross-platform, we’ll cover that, too. After all, we as gamers can appreciate that not everyone plays on the same platform. If your friend has a PlayStation and you’re on Xbox, there’s an obvious mismatch present, but fear not – many games are cross-platform compatible these days. Is Gang Beasts cross-platform, though? Let’s find out.


Credit: Gang Beasts

Which Platforms Can Crossplay on Gang Beasts?

When it comes to Gang Beasts crossplay mechanics, some glaring limitations prevent users from connecting across all platforms.

Gang Beasts is cross-platform by default but there are some restrictions to that rule. For instance, only players using the Microsoft Store version of the game on PC can connect with users playing on an Xbox console. If you own Gang Beasts on Steam, you cannot connect with users on other platforms. Gang Beasts is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC (Windows), and Nintendo Switch – but it’s tough to link up across those platforms.

According to the Gang Beasts FAQ page, the team is working on activating full cross-platform support for the game, but given its age, it seems unlikely that it’ll be achieved anytime soon.

How to Invite Someone on Gang Beasts

So, is Gang Beasts cross-platform? Yes – but it’s restricted quite severely. Regardless of that fact, we’ll now detail how to invite someone on a crossplay basis on Gang Beasts.

If you’re using the same platform, you’ll invite friends to play Gang Beasts in the same way you would for any other game. If you’re playing on Xbox and your friends are using the Windows Store version of the game on PC, you’ll do the same thing, using the Xbox menu to invite them. As Gang Beasts is crossplay between Windows Store versions of the game and Xbox consoles, you’ll have no issues linking up.

Does Gang Beasts Have Cross-Progression?

Now we know about Gang Beasts cross-platform, the next question concerns cross-progression. Most games give a way to progress your games across some platforms to make gameplay easier. Sadly, Gang Beasts does not support cross-progression.

This means if you start to progress on one platform and decide to get the game on maybe a Nintendo Switch or even on a PS5, you will be starting from scratch. None of your goodies will transfer to the new location.

Gang Beasts can be played on different platforms, but not all platforms can play with each other. If you want other cross-platform games, check out our other articles on crossplay games on Game Pass.

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