How to remove bots in CSGO: Step by step guide through it

When you get started in CSGO you would probably like to get to know the game and practice a bit before fighting the best CSGO players in the ranked queue. This is when Bots come in.

In general, bots are playable characters that are managed by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) instead of a player. In Counter-Strike original games the Bots were set to allow people to play when there were less than 10 players in the local connection.

So, today we will teach you how to remove bots in CSGO.

how to remove bots in CSGO

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Why remove bots CSGO?

Besides learning how to fight, which makes a CSGO bot useful, you need to practice shooting and get to know the maps if you want to think about good strategies to use in a real battle.

Nevertheless, you will probably get if you are seen wandering the map and doing nothing, which is why most people wonder how to get rid of bots in CSGO.

How to remove bots in CSGO?

One nice thing of CSGO is that it works almost like an open-source game and you can improve your experience if you learn some commands for CS GO. For example, you could find the best CSGO crosshair for you, or just remove bots CSGO as we will teach you next.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to game settings and select “YES” in the “Enable developers console” option.
  2. By default, you can open the console by pressing “~” (You can change it in the “Keyboard Settings” option)
  3. If default, press “~” and see how a grey screen opens. Here you can type commands to change some in-game features.
    (Keep in mind that all changes affect only the local-connection experience and won’t be active in competitive nor CSGO wingman ranks.)
  4. To remove bots CSGO just type “bot_kick” on the box and then press enter.

Just like that, no CSGO bot will headshot you while you search the map for the best hiding spots or practice shooting with a new gun.

Can I Turn the CSGO Bot back on?

Sure, by repeating the same process but typing “bot_add” your game will go back to the original settings.

On the other hand, there are several other commands for CS GO:

  • For example, you could use the “mp_limitteams 1” to avoid the second team from deploying.
  • On the other hand, when running with local connection battles, bots appear to balance the teams’ numbers; to avoid this you can use the “mp_autoteambalance 0” command.

This is a great way to train. I mean, if you can get rid of 5 of your friends alone you are probably ready for CSGO ranks.

Learning to play takes time, and now you know how to remove bots in CSGO. This will help you to do map recognition and is also a nice tool when it comes to learning to shoot. Furthermore, you should remember that there is a wide difference between bots and real players, so try to get to the ladder as soon as you feel confident.