Is Marvel’s Avengers Cross-Platform?

Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game where you team up with friends to embody the powers of the biggest superheroes. At its core, it’s a cooperative game about spending time with other players in the Marvel world. Is there Marvel Avengers crossplay though? It’s a key feature of this style of game.

Marvel Avengers cross-platform play would make a real difference. In a live game like this, it can make it more accessible and easier to play with friends. Marvel’s Avengers crossplay might be a bit of a letdown, but there are some areas where it supports play over more than one specific device.

Marvel Avenger's Cross-Play

Is Marvel Avengers Cross-Platform?

Marvel’s Avengers was released on six different platforms. It was available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC, and Stadia (until it was discontinued). However, these platforms are separated. You can’t do cross-play across different platforms.

Marvel’s Avengers crossplay isn’t in the game. The game didn’t allow players to collaborate across console and PC. While you can play with friends on your own platform, it doesn’t let you mix and match.

What is Crossplay?

Crossplay is a feature where you can play alongside friends on other platforms. With crossplay, those platforms can all join up together and be in the same game. Some titles even offer cross-progression. This is where you can play on different platforms and pick up where you left off with the same data.

Crossplay is even more complicated with newer console gens. Cross-generation means you can play on both a PS4 and PS5 without separate systems. How does Marvel Avengers crossplay work then?

Marvel’s Avengers Cross Progression and Cross Generation Play

One bright note is that Marvel Avengers is cross-generation! Players who have stuck to one ecosystem can still play the game on the newer consoles. If you started on PS4, you can continue the game on PS5 and the same for the Xbox. It doesn’t help too much if you want to play with friends on various platforms, but it’s something.

Is Marvel Avengers Crossplay Coming Later?

Marvel Avengers crossplay might not be a thing just yet, but some still have hope that it’ll eventually be added to the game.

Similar games have added crossplay later. Marvel Avengers is a live service game. Destiny 2 is one of the standout titles in this genre, and that took four years to get crossplay.

This is some precedence for eventually getting to experience Marvel’s Avengers cross-platform. Although, it doesn’t seem to be on the roadmap at the moment. Developers are only planning to continue supporting the game in 2023 and will be “sunsetting” it after that. Basically, it’ll get no new content. This does make it look a bit unlikely that Marvel Avenger’s crossplay is going to come.

The game has had platform-specific content like the Spider-Man DLC. Spider-Man as a character was locked to PlayStation. Players might have a friend using Spider-Man playing with the Xbox version of the game. This isn’t allowed by the platform-specific deal for Spider-Man that has locked him entirely to PlayStation. If Marvel Avengers crossplay was active, it would be difficult to exclude content on other platforms.

Marvel Avengers DLC Spiderman


Can You enable or turn Marvel Avengers crossplay off?

Since Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t offer crossplay, there isn’t a setting to turn it on or off. You don’t need to do anything to make sure you’re playing with your own platform, the game has no options for that.

Why Doesn’t Marvel’s Avengers Have Crossplay?

Marvel’s Avengers crossplay isn’t in the game, but the official FAQ for the title does say that it doesn’t have it “yet”, not “ever”. However, it has had the same message about playing Marvel Avengers cross-platform there since the original Beta. There seems to be a clear reason for this. Developers have sighted technical issues, but there are also exclusivity deals.

Is Crossplay Coming?

Crossplay doesn’t look likely for Marvel’s Avengers because of limitations and the age of the game. While an update could come, it seems like payers will probably be locked to one system forever.

Can PC play with Console on Marvel Avengers?

PC and console players can’t mix, there is no Marvel’s Avengers crossplay. You’re limited to just the players that are on your own platform here. It’s not one of the best crossplay games.

Can PS4 and PS5 Play Together on Marvel’s Avengers?

Cross-generation players can play together on Marvel’s Avengers. If you’re on the same platform, then continuing on the newer consoles isn’t a problem. This only works for progression though.