Sakura in Street Fighter 6 – Complete Guide, Moves & Backstory

Street Fighter has loads of fun characters, but Sakura is one that might have some of the most misconceptions despite their popularity! The character has come on quite a bit since their first appearance. However, many people still view her simply as “Girl Ryu”.

There’s actually a lot more to the Sakura Street Fighter appearances than that!

Sakura is one of the most recognizable Street Fighter characters, around since the franchise early days, she’s even made appearances in games like Fortnite. Currently not in the roster for Street Fighter 6, we may see Sakura added down the line.

Sakura Street Fighter Guide

Source: Capcom

Key Info and Backstory

  • Height – 5’2
  • Weight – 93 Lbs
  • First Appearance – Street Fighter 2 Alpha

Sakura has some of the most mundane backstories in Street Fighter, at least compared to Cammy’s Street Fighter lore as a super soldier. She’s an ordinary Japanese girl.! That’s until she saw Ryu while on her way to school.

After witnessing Ryu street fighting, Sakura became obsessed with emulating him. She copies his appearance, his fighting styles, even some of his most iconic moves. She got more serious about street fighting and became a fighter on par with the rest of the cast.

Sakura Street Fighter Key Moves

Sakura Street Fighter Guide

Source: Capcom

Sakura’s Street Fighter moveset is quite similar to Ryu’s in a lot of ways. She even has her own version of the Hadoken and Shoryuken.

She can utilize Haodkens just like Ken and Ryu. However, in most games hers travel in differing projectile patterns to give her moves more individuality. Her version of the Shoryuken is the Shouoken. It’s has a different pattern of movement.

Sakuras’ moves list usually includes quite a few original moves too, like using a yellow umbrella or a combo based around spinning leg kicks. Her Critical Art in Street Fighter V was particularly notable, punctuated with a heavy groin punch halfway through, followed by a slowed down version of Ryu’s Uppercut.

Is Sakura in Street Fighter 6?

At launch, Sakura is not one of the characters in Street Fighter 6. She hasn’t been chosen for the roster, which is relatively parred down at the start of the game.

The starting roster is pretty far from what we’re going to get overall though. We already know about a good few character joining the cast on later Street Fighter 6 DLC release dates. On top of that, there’s some SF 6 leaks that hint at her too.

Will Sakura Be Coming to Street Fighter 6?

Sakura is one of the most recognisable Street Fighter characters, so it’s likely we’ll eventually see her joining the ranks of the latest game. The character has appeared in a few Street Fighter 6 leaks, although that might be more down to her being such a big SF character that most assume she’s making it in.

If Sakura does come to Street Fighter 6, we could expect to see much greater variations between her moves and Ryu’s. SF 6 has reinvented a few characters. Sakura will need enough unique differences in how she plays to make her a good addition to the roster. We can likely expect to see the differences in how she performs her version of moves to be emphasised, to give her kit an entirely unique angle for playing over Ryu.

Sakura Street Fighter Guide

Source: Capcom


How old is Sakura?

Sakura was originally 16 when she was introduced. As with other characters in the game, it’s tricky to pinpoint an exact age today. The characters haven’t aged in real-time, so those who have given birthdates aren’t as old as they should be! When Sakura next appears, she’ll likely still be a few years around 16 or considerably older with the game basically treating her like a 16-year-old still.

Is Sakura Ryu’s Sister?

Sakura isn’t Ryu’s sister. She’s an unrelated person who was impressed by Ryu’s fighting style, and used it to take down bullies before being inspired to join the world of Street Fighting herself. In some versions of the franchise, she even has a crush on Ryu.

Why is Sakura so popular?

Sakura in Street Fighter has always been a pretty popular character. In terms of her gameplay, it might be because of her emphasis on combos, along with speed. The character is also popular for having a fun and relatable backstory as a fairly ordinary girl impressed by the world of Street Fighter.