Skin Gambling – Is it better than traditional gambling?

Skin Gambling is exactly what it describes, where you gamble with virtual goods that have value. Essentially, it’s Esports betting with extra steps, where in most situations, isn’t a recommended form of betting.

A disclaimer before we proceed, that do not condone or recommend Skin Gambling. There are other curated and trustworthy Esports betting sites that assure the best betting experience after all.

What is Skin Gambling?

We talked briefly about how Skin Gambling uses skins or virtual goods as alternative forms of payment for your betting shenanigans. However, skin gambling has evolved since the introduction of tradable and purchasable skins on popular games.

For instance, Counter-strike Global Offensive (CSGO), PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND (PUBG PC-version), Dota 2, H1Z1, etc. Digital skins even date all the way back since Team Fortress 2 was still a game of the year nominee.

These days, skin gambling is even derived into non-Esports gambling, such as case opening sites, Russian roulette and online CSGO casinos. The absence of actual currency can often make gamblers forget how much they spent. Furthermore, most skin prices are absurdly volatile and depend on the supply-and-demand chain on the Steam market.

Thus, these are rather obvious red flags to consider when gambling with skins, you have been warned.

Gambling with CSGO Skins

It comes as no surprise that CSGO skins hold tremendous value, coupled with their high supply and demand. CSGO betting with skins became a goldmine for ludicrous gambling sites to churn in large flows of cash unregulated.

At one point, Skin Gambling CSGO was an industry of its own. So much that many speculated CSGO skins are valued as they are today thanks to its dark history. It’s what fueled the demand, but there were massive caveats for the gambling regulators across the globe.

Is skin gambling legal?

Skin betting is illegal unless the gambling platform holds a particular betting license, namely the Isle of Man license. The license is based in England, but depending on your location, you can still access the platform offering skin betting to use.

Else, as history has repeated itself, many illegal Esports betting sites, which offered skins as a ‘convenient’ method of betting. Found themselves dealing with lawsuits from the government for their unlicensed skin gambling activity.

However, the worst hit by the skin gambling fiasco was Valve, who originally made skins for trading and their market. The freedom to use their skin gave rise to the unregulated flow of underground Dota 2 skin gambling.

Skin gambling sites are even accepting skins from less popular games, PUBG skin gambling, and TF2 skin gambling. At some point, even skin gambling H1Z1 activities were a rampant thing.

Hence, gamble with skins is officially banned under their terms of use.

Is skin gambling safe?

Yes, but only if you use skin gambling sites that hold the Isle of Man license and your residing country doesn’t prohibit it. Frankly, given the volatile fluctuation of skins’ value, you can take our word that you are better off with other alternatives.

There are also the possibilities of skin betting scams, which you might get ripped off if you aren’t careful.

Skin Gambling

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Safe Alternatives to Skin Gambling 2022

We hope that we got the message across that the harsh reality of skin gambling and how looks can be deceiving. As gamble with skins died out, Esports bookmakers made it their motto to deliver safe betting on Esports.

Esports betting is much safer when it comes to Esports odds as well. Instead of casino-like odds, which for the record, is always against you. Not to mention that Esports betting is also well-established as a skilled entertainment, where seasoned gamblers pride themselves over their accurate and in-depth analysis of Esports matches.

Best Alternatives for CSGO Fans

Sticking with the CSGO theme, Esports betting and its bookmakers provide a vast array of betting markets that require you to make an accurate prediction to win the bet. But the main selling point is how straightforward it is, from a consumer standpoint, to just bet a fixed amount and still have a fair judgment of your spending habits.

Of course, Esports betting isn’t limited to CSGO only, but is relatively popular in Dota 2, as long as these Esports genres have frequent major tournaments and pro matches to bet on.

Trading CSGO Skins safely

To obtain CSGO skins, try trading them for their typical prices on either Steam Market or third-party CSGO skin swapping platforms.

Esports betting bonus

If the safety and simplicity of Esports betting aren’t enticing enough, then you are in luck. Bookmakers offer generous esports betting bonuses, especially for new joiners.

Hopefully, this segment has been educational at discouraging keen bettors to stray away from skin gambling and its nasty gimmicks. We also shared reliable options to fill your betting needs, but with real money.

Lastly, it’s important to note that there is a vast quantity of Esports betting sites that are trustworthy and deserves a pat on the back.

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