Is Teamfight Tactics Cross-Platform? Teamfight Tactics Crossplay Guide

Released on June 26th 2019, Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler game developed by Riot Games for PC and Mac. The game is a spinoff of the world-renowned League of Legends, which involves players competing against seven other opponents by building a team to be the last one standing. On March 19th 2020, a mobile version of TFT was released on android and IOS so that players can enjoy the game on the go. Because of the release of the mobile version, many new players will be wanting to know: is TFT cross-platform?

teamfight tactics crossplay

Can you play TFT with Friends?

The game had an extraordinary launch in 2019. It was an instant success which provided a refreshing change for the League of Legends fanbase, whilst also attracting millions of new players across the world who might not have had an interest in this genre of game initially.

There are multiple ways that you can play with your friends in Teamfight Tactics. Firstly, you can queue up with them into a normal game, however, with this, you will still be competing against them, and you are not able to work together. Last year Riot also released the “Double up” game mode, where you can work together with your friend against 3 other duos.

There is one other way to play with your friends who might be playing on a mobile device, and that is through TFT crossplay.

teamfight tactics crossplayTFT Mobile and PC Crossplay

So to answer the question: is TFT cross-platform? The simple answer is that TFT supports crossplay between PC and Mobile devices.

What is crossplay? In simple terms, crossplay is the ability of players using different video game hardware (Such as PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch, Mobile) to play with each other in the same game.

TFT crossplay was released at the same time as the mobile version of the game, allowing people who are playing on a PC or Mac to party up with mobile players. With Riot having no plans to release on Xbox, Playstation or Switch at the moment, console players will need to drop their controller and pick up a Mobile if they want to play TFT with their friends.

Here we can see is Fortnite cross platform. Fortnite has full cross platform compatibility between console, mobile, switch and PC, and this feature has grown the game to be even more successful than it already was. However, when we look at is Valorant cross platform, there is no cross platform compatibility for that title. Games that do not allow cross platform are limiting the potential user base for their game. TFT crossplay helps the game grow as more people will want to play it with their friends who can play on mobile.

The one potential issue with the mobile version of TFT is that it can be a lot harder to play, as you may find it harder to understand what is going on and to do the right actions quickly when you have to tap on a small screen. However, this is only a small downside, as TFT crossplay still allows you to be able to play with your friends whenever you want to on the go, which is not a possibility in most notable game titles. Because of this, TFT has become one of the best crossplay games.

Hopefully this has answered the question: is TFT cross-platform? Whilst you may not have the ability to play TFT with your console friends, Riot Games have done a good job in making the game accessible for anyone who wants to play it by releasing their mobile version of the game. TFT crossplay is one of the reasons why it has grown to be one of the most popular games in the world.