Is Warframe Cross-platform? Your Warframe Crossplay Guide

Want to know is Warframe cross-platform? Well, we’ve got a fairly definitive answer for you. Plus we’ve taken a look ahead to see what your Warframe crossplay gaming options will be like in the very near future. So join us as we find out the truth about Warframe cross-platform gaming!

is warframe cross-platform?

Why everyone’s asking, ‘Is Warframe cross-platform?’

Cross-platform basically means being able to play the same game with someone else even if they are using a different type of gaming platform. The Fortnite crossplay or cross-platform options are a good example of this. Here you are able to play the same game against others regardless of whether they are playing from a PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Switch.

Given that multiplayer gaming is a huge part of Warframe’s appeal, it’s only natural that many gamers ask, ‘Is Warframe cross-platform?’ However, the sheer cost and effort of synchronising gameplay between different platforms has stopped this being a reality in the past. Still, it seems that things are changing and so it’s time to take a closer look at your cross-platform gaming options with Warframe.

warframe crossplay,

The state of Warframe crossplay 2022

At the moment, your Warframe crossplay options are pretty much non-existent. This is because you can only play the game alongside players who are playing from the same kind of gaming platform. This means that gamers who are using a PC can only play with other PC gamers, and the same is true for those using a PlayStation, XBox and Switch.

Such a state of affairs is fairly frustrating but not entirely surprising. After all, Warframe was originally released in 2013 when crossplay gaming was something of a pipe dream. 

However, as demand for cross-platform functionality has grown, it’s become clear that something needs to be done to bring Warframe up to the mark. As we examine below, it looks like there is hope for being able to play this third-person shooter against others, regardless of what platform they are playing from.

warframe cross progression

When will Warframe be cross-platform?

We’re still waiting on a definite Warframe crossplay release date but it looks like it isn’t going to be too far away. This is because July 2022 saw the game’s creators, Digital Extremes, making it clear that cross-platform gaming for Warframe is definitely in the works. 

The statement said that Digital Extremes had ‘spent the last year exploring Cross Play capabilities and performing internal testing.’ In addition to this, the games publisher said that this testing would be expanding into Community Testing in 2022 and that inventories were already becoming aligned across all platforms. This means that crossplay options could be with us in just a matter of months.

The key thing to take from this is that Digital Extremes is, ‘deeply committed to the implementation of Cross Play and Cross Save,’ and that the brand is, ‘striving to let everyone across every platform play seamlessly from wherever and whenever they choose.’ So if that’s not positive news about Warframe becoming one of the latest cross-platform free games, we don’t know what is!

is warframe cross-platform?

Is there any Warframe cross-progression?

Unfortunately, like the above answers, there currently isn’t any cross-progression with Warframe. Cross progression refers to when you can save your game on one platform and then carry on where you left off on another gaming platform.

So with the lack of cross-progression on Warframe, it looks like if you’d been playing on a PlayStation 4 and then wanted to play on a Xbox One, you’d have to start completely afresh. 

While this is underwhelming, Digital Extremes have said that a cross Save feature is in development and should be with us before long. All of this gives us hope that Warframe could soon have a similar kind of cross-progression to the Genshin Impact progression that lets you play with the same save across various platforms. 

Keep asking is Warframe cross-platform?

If we’ve learned one thing from this it’s that you should never give up on your hopes for cross-platform gaming. After all, the makers of Warframe have heard it loud and clear that people want crossplay facilities and it looks like public pressure is going to get a positive result pretty soon. 

This means that it’s just a matter of time until Warframe has something similar to the Apex Legends crossplay options. All of which means that you can blast your opponents into oblivion regardless of what platform they’re playing from before too long. So keep it here to get fresh updates to the question, ‘Is Warframe cross-platform?’