Your Guide to the Overwatch League – Part 2: Divisions & Teams

The start of the Overwatch season is looming, which means we’re starting to ready ourselves for an almighty clash of skills and passion. To mark the start of The Overwatch League, aka OWL, we’re going to familiarise ourselves with the 12 teams involved. As some of you may have already noticed, we’ve already provided an overview of the schedule for Season 1, from Preseason all the way to the All-Star Weekend.

Atlantic Division

overwatch league teams

Boston Uprising

Owned by Robert Kraft, the CEO of the Kraft Group, Boston Uprising are a team with sports links already in place. Due to this connection, the colours of the team are blue, black and yellow. Aiming to show the world the power of Boston is DreamKazper (Offense), Gamsu (Tank), Neko (Support), Striker (Offense), Mistakes (Offense), Snow (Support), NotE (Flex), Avast (Support), Kalios (Flex), and Kellex (Support).

Florida Mayhem

To demonstrate the presence of the Florida State gaming scene, there’s Florida Mayhem, a team owned by Ben Spoont. For those who are big on their esports knowledge, this is the CEO of Misfits, a team that has played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Although a small team, players include Manneten (Flex/Offense), Zebbosai (Support), TviQ (Offense), Logix (Offense), CWoosH (Tank/Flex), and Zuppeh (Support).

Houston Outlaws

Another team that comes from an esports legacy is that of Houston Outlaws, with the group owned by Hector Rodriguez, the CEO of OpTic Gaming. Given this connection, it’s expected that these players will be able to keep up the momentum. The squad is made up of 10 members, including Muma (Tank), Clockwork (Offense), Boink (Support), SPREE (Flex), JAKE (Offense), Bani (Flex/Support), Mendokusaii (Offense), LiNKzr (Offense), Rawkus (Flex/Support), and Coolmatt (Flex).

Overwatch League teams

London Spitfire

London Spitfire are a fine team, owned by the founder of Cloud9. Seeing as how Cloud9 have been crowned winners across the esports circuit many times over, they need little introduction. Hoping to follow in their footsteps are Gesture (Tank), Fissure (Tank), NUS (Flex/Support), Rascal (Offense), HaGoPeun (Flex/Support), Profit (Offense), birdring (Offense), Bdosin (Flex/Support), Hooreg (Offense), Fury (Flex), WOOHYAL (Flex), and Closer (Support).

New York Excelsior

In a similar fashion to Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior have connections to the sporting world, thanks to their owner, Jeff Wilpon. Wilpon is the COO of The New York Mets, meaning he knows how to work the fans and win over the crowds. Involved in this Overwatch team are Saebyeolbe (Offense), Pine (Offense), JJoNak (Support), Libero (Offense/Flex), Mek0 (Flex), Janus (Tank), Mano (Tank), and ArK (Support).

Philadelphia Fusion

Our last group in this section is one owned by Comcast Spectacor, a brand that’s renowned for managing hundreds of stadiums, mainly located in North America. A total of 12 players have made it onto the roster, consisting of Joemeister (Support), Carpe (Offense), fragi (Tank), ShaDowBurn (Offense), DayFly (Support), Poko (Tank), Boombox (Flex), Snillo (Offense), Eqo (Offense), Neptuno (Flex), SADO (Tank), and Hotba (Tank).

Pacific Division

overwatch pacific division

Dallas Fuel

We move to Dallas, Texas, now, to a squad that’s co-owned by Team EnVyUs, a 2007 established squad that has powered through the Call of Duty circuit. On the roster we have chipshajen (Support), Mickie (Flex/Tank), Seagull (Flex/Offense), Custa (Support), EFFECT (Offense), HarryHook (Flex/Support), xQc (Tank), Taimou (Flex/Offense), and cocco (Tank).

Los Angeles Gladiators

This is the first of two squads that are representing LA, with this team owned by founders of KSE Esports, Josh and Stan Kroenke. Flying the team colours of purple, white, and black are Asher (Offense), iReMiix (Tank), Shaz (Support), BigG00se (Support), Surefour (Offense), Bischu (Flex/Tank), and Hydration (Offense).

Los Angeles Valiant

Sporting a larger roster of team members is the Noah Whinston owned Los Angeles Valiant; if Whinston sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the CEO of Immortals. There are 11 places on this team, taken by silkthread (Offense), KariV (Support), Verbo (Support), SPACE (Flex), uNKOE (Support), SoOn (Offense), GrimReality (Offense), Fate (Tank), envy (Flex), numlocked (Tank), and Agilities (Offense).

San Francisco Shock

The San Francisco Shock are owned by founder of NRG Esports, Andy Miller, and consists of 9 members, making it a smaller grouping when compared with others. On the list is super (Flex), sinatraa (Offense), Danteh (Flex/Offense), nomy (Tank), Nevix (Offense), babybay (Flex/Offense), sleepy (Support), dhaK (Support), and iddqd (Offense).

Seoul Dynasty

Although the majority of the teams come from the USA, there are a few that don’t, such as Seoul Dynasty, a South Korean squad. Owned by Kevin Chou, chairman of KSV eSports, 9 gamers are ready to unleash their potential. These players include Bunny (Offense), xepheR (Flex), Wekeed (Offense), zunba (Flex), tobi (Support), Fleta (Offense), Miro (Tank), Gido (Offense/Flex), Munchkin (Offense), KuKi (Tank), and ryujehong (Support).

Shanghai Dragons

The final roster for OWL Season 1 is Shanghai Dragons, a Chinese based group that is owned by NetEase, a brand that distributes Blizzard games. Aiming to battle their way to the final, and that large cash prize, are Freefeel (Support), Fiveking (Support), Undead (Offense), Roshan (Tank), Xushu (Tank), Altering (Support), MG (Tank), and Diya (Flex).