Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23

The Apex Legends 2022-23 competitive season already caused a lot of buzz. Pre-season winners look like formidable opponents, while new organizations are trying to make a mark for themselves.

The Apex Legends Pro League starts November 5th for all five global regions. The best APEX Legends teams around the world taking part in this tournament. While there is quite a prize pool available for the winners of the tournament, all eyes will be on the younger talent to prove their mark in the scene. Within each region, there have been teams who have shuffled their roasters to get that winning edge but let’s see who can win it all.

ALGS 2022-23

The Pro League will be fearing 22 invited teams from each region to take part. While the 8 winners from the preseason tournament will be provided with a spot as well in the upcoming tournament. In total, 5 regions are a part of Pro League, and we will see a total of over 150 teams fight it out to qualify. From each region, the winner will qualify directly for the second split of the Pro League as well.

Watch ALGS Pro League & Challenger Live:

Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23 Season Structure & Format

The ALGS season is divided into two tiers of competition: Challenger Circuit and Pro League. Each tier is played across five competitive regions: North America, South America, EMEA, APAC South & APAC North.

Qualifiers for Pro League took place across October 2022, with the winning team and top placed teams qualifying for Split 1 in each region. The Post-Split qualifier leading into Split 2 features the bottom placed teams from Split 1 and the best teams from the Challenger circuit for a spot in Split 2.

Challenger Circuit

The Challenger Circuit is open to all teams that want to try their hand at competitive APEX Legends. Ahead of each season, all teams compete in open tournaments with the best in the challenger circuit having a shot at qualifying for a Pro League Split or Championship. The Challenger Season plays out parallel to the Pro League, with teams promoting and relegating between the two.

ALGS Pro League

Pro League the premiere esports competition in Apex Legends. Thirty teams in each of the five regions compete in competitive splits for a shot at the Championship. Out of the 30 teams, 22 are direct invites and 8 earn their spots through qualifiers.

The team division in each region is listed below:

ALGS Split 1 EMEA Teams

Teams taking part in the EMEA Region

Within Each region, the teams will be split into 3 groups consisting of 10 teams each.

Group A Group B Group C
 Pioneers  Alliance  SCARZ
 Acend  Invictus Gaming International  Fire Beavers
 Gaiming Gladiators.  Element 6  xMajorPushers
 Forg Gang  Horizon Union  Totem Esports
 Phoenix Legacy  EKO Esports  Ethernal
 Nemesis  Natus Vincere  FUT Esports
 Turkish Stars  Vexed Gaming  les Cites de France
 High Peak  Corpa  VZD
 Bitfix Gaming  Incentive Arise  High Society
 Three Muppets  Game of Drones  V2

From the above teams the ones some can keep an eye on are our Alliance, Acend and Scarz. In the past, these teams have won quite a few accolades to make their name. The team who could be the favourite for this region could be Alliance with their brute force playing style.

ALGS Split 1 North America Teams

Apex Legends Pro League North American Region

Group A Group B Group C
 DarkZero Esports  FURIA Esports  100 Thieves
 NRG  TSM  Spacestation Gaming
 Team Liquid  Cloud9  OpTic Gaming
 Counter Logic Gaming  Elev8 Entertainment  Luminosity Gaming
 G2 Esports  Atlanta Premier  Sentinels
 MPL  Sign Us Please  Oxygen Esports
 Complexity Gaming  Tripods  The Guard
 Rakk Attack  Esports Arena  FaZe Clan
 Team Smiley  SZN  Slept On
 Bots  BR Demonz  First Attempt

Within the above-mentioned teams, the ones to watch are Furia Esports, DarkZero Esports, 100 thieves, NRG, TSM, Team Liquid, Faze Clan and Optic Gaming. One team to watch out for is DarkZero Esports due to their fantastic playing style.

ALGS Split 1 APAC North Teams

Apex Legends Pro League APAC North Region

Group A Group B Group C
 Crazy Raccoon  ORTHROS FANG  ganbare otousan
 DetonatioN Gaming  FENNEL  Fascination Colors Destroy
 MUSHIKING  Donuts Unsold Stuff Gaming  Flora esports
 Meteor  Reignite  Riddle
 WQTAKO  Lag Gaming  Nebula e-Sports
 O2 esports  EVA:e  KINOTROPE gaming
ALGS Split 1 APAC South Teams

Apex Legends Pro League APAC South Region

Within the above-mentioned teams, the ones to watch are EXO Clan as well as Moist Esports. EXO Clan has been one of the best teams in the Australian region. Having won a lot of tournaments in the region and is one of the favourites of the region. One must note that the APAC Region is one where one can see really interesting and unique style of gameplay.

Group A Group B Group C
 EXO Clan  Moist Esports  DreamFire
 FreeAgents  Dewa United Esports  Buriram United Esports
 Chicken Sandwich  HRMGRD  DNZ
 DuguPLAY  sry  ANT Esports Club
 North Side ESports  Truth Esports  StinkyB
 ADAL Wolves  Primis Komanda  RTL
 MDY White  20th Guaranteed  T4
 Gao Qian  Emmanuel  505
 Boogie Boarders  TWO MNK ONE PAD  Dynasty Esports Club
 Golden Sage  MDY  ATHXHVY
ALGS Split 1 South America Teams

Apex Legends Pro League South American Region

Within the above-mentioned teams, the ones to watch are GodFire, Team Singularity and Valhalla. Team Singularity has been the team who has been dominating the region since last season. Having won 4 of the last few pro leagues in the region.

Group A Group B Group C
 GØDFIRE  Team Singularity  Los Guys
 K1CK  1iQ  NorCal Esports
 Valhalla  2 Controle 1 MNK  Monterrey Esports
 LeaveNoWitness  1Shoot Esports  Enygma
 Horus  Most Valuable  Alpha Intelligence Esports
 Two Much Rush  EXOTICK Esports  BTH E-Sports
 No Reply  Vermouth  Fellas
 SA Abusers  Fênix Team  Blood Show
 Tortugas Ninjas  KriticalRush  Blackhat Esports

ALGS Playoffs

After a Pro League Split is complete. The best teams from each region (40 in total) compete on LAN for $1,000,000. The slot division is as follows: 9 teams from NA/EMEA/APAC-N each, and 4 teams from SA/APAC-S. The winner of each regional are auto-qualified as well. Apart from competing about the main prize pools, teams earn regional points that may award them more spots in the next set of Playoffs.


ALGS Championship will take place in July 2023. The best Apex Legends teams in the world will compete for $2,000,000 and the Championship Trophy. Teams earn an invitation through either earning Playoffs points throughout the season or through the Last Chance Qualifier.