IEM Katowice 2022 – Teams, Schedule & Betting Tips

For years, Katowice has been a staple of the CSGO tournament scene for years. Each iteration is considered the best of their respective year. IEM Katowice 2022 is held between February 15th to 27th.

The past two years crowned Gambit (2021) and NaVi (2020) as champions. These teams are still the number 1 and 2 teams in the world. It will be fun to see if the reigning champs can make another run at the championship or if someone else will step up and challenge these two powerhouses.

There is certainly a big incentive to win, with 24 teams battling it out for a $1,000,000 prize pool. Additionally, there are some EPT Points of the line.

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IEM Katowice 2021 Format & Teams

The Katowice event features three stages of play and a total of 24 teams in the competition. 16 of the 24 will fight in a PlayIn format Double Elimination bracket, with the top 8 teams advancing into the main event. Here, the 16 teams are divided into two double elimination groups of 8, with the top 3 of each group advancing to the IEM Katowice Playoffs.

The Playoffs breakdown is relatively simple, with the best two teams from the group stage seeded directly into the semifinals, while the remaining four will battle out quarterfinals elimination style. Apart from the openers, all the matches at IEM Katowice will be played in bo3 series. The Grand Final will be a best-of-five series.

IEM Katowice 2022 Teams

IEM Katowice will feature a whopping 24 teams.. This means there will be some potential Dark Horse runs as well as big upsets. Let’s take a look at the list of teams.

  1. Na’Vi – #1 in the world having come off of a Major Win and a win at the Blast Premier World Final.
  2. Vitality- #2 in the world, their new roster featuring Dupreeh, Magisk and zonic (coach) should be nice and warmed up for this tournament.
  3. Gambit – Ranked #3 in the world, they have been questioned as of late due to their LAN performances.
  4. G2 – #5 in the world, their roster is still in question with no answers in place. Who will be their final 5 coming into this contest?
  5. Heroic – #9 in the world, they continue to impress on LAN and online. They must push a little further now and show they belong at the top.
  6. – #6 in the world, this roster has had a lot of issues, specifically surrounding Jame and his playstyle. Can they come together after the player break and pick up the slack?
  7. FURIA – #16 in the world, they will need to see massive improvement if they wish to accomplish anything here.
  8. Liquid – #7 in the world, and a big question mark at the moment. Liquid can either be a powerhouse team in 2022 or a massive flop.

There are 16 teams competing in a play-in to determine the remaining 8 teams that will play the IEM Katowice Main Event.

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Astralis
  • FaZe Clan
  • Godsent
  • Extra Salt
  • MIBR
  • Tyloo
  • Renegades
  • BIG
  • Entropiq
  • OG Esports
  • Copenhagen Flames (replaces Complexity)
  • Fnatic
  • ENCE
  • MOUZ
  • Wisla Kraków
Katowice 2022 Bracket

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IEM Katowice Betting Bonus & Tips

 Esports bookmakers are running plenty of bonuses and promotions for IEM Katowice each year. After all, it is one of the biggest CSGO events of the season. Once you’ve selected your provider and a sweet sweet bonus, check out some of the betting markets.

Some good places to make money are the over-under for a number of rounds played. Oftentimes, if you understand why certain teams win or lose games, you can make a lot of money on this market. Another good market to check out is who will win the pistol rounds. Certain teams are pistol round specialists who gain momentum from these rounds. If you can get these right on some mismatched teams, you can win a lot of money.

Check the following article for a full breakdown of esports betting markets. We also have an exclusive IEM Katowice Play-In stage Match Predictions article.

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IEM Katowice 2022 Schedule

Below you can see the overarching schedule for the entire event, including days and start times.

IEM Katowice 2022 Schedule

IEM Katowice 2021 Outright Predictions

Potential Tournament Winners

There are three potential teams with the biggest chances of winning this event. Na’Vi, Gambit and Vitality.

  1. Na’Vi because of their utter dominance during the last 9 months. If they maintain their form it will be hard to bet against them.
  2. Gambit due to their peak form. If they are able to hit their peak against Na’Vi they have a big shot at winning.
  3. Vitality after a massive roster shake up gets rid of their liability, Kyojin, and replaces him with a tenured rifler who played a big role on the greatest team of all time. Shox will also be departing and replaced. The addition of zonic will be huge for their preparation ahead of IEM Katowice. Their potential is scary if they are able to click as a unit.

These are the two teams that would overtake Na’Vi if they reach their potential.

Dark Horse Winner

The biggest dark horse at IEM Katowice is Fnatic. They have been crushing it since the transition from their Swedish lineup to a combination English-Swedish team. With Krimzz still holding down his own as the veteran, the young bucks have taken center stage. Smooya, mezii and Brollan, led by ALEX, have really been outmuscling top teams in the world. They have a few months to develop on Overpass and solidify a few of their other maps. If they are able to continue the development of their stronger maps, they will be killers coming into IEM Katowice.

We will follow IEM Katowice in its entirety from PlayIn to Final. Check back with our CSGO News section each day for a fresh take and match predictions & analysis.