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First IEM Katowice Matches confirmed

The first matches for the IEM Katowice Major have now been confirmed. Take a read through this article to see how things have been seeded and what we expect toMore

New maps added to CS:GO competitive Map Pool

Valve just pushed out a new update to CS:GO that added two new maps to competitive matchmaking. We’ve taken a look at the new maps as well as other generalMore

S1mple ranked as top 2018 player – a look back at his results

Everybody has been saying for a long time that S1mple is the best player in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Recently, HLTV awarded S1mple with their 2018 player of the yearMore

CS:GO ELEAGUE $150k Invitational announced

ELEAGUE has just announced an invitational tournament that will see four CS:GO’s teams fight it out for a $150,000 prize pool. The event will take place live at the ELEAGUEMore

A look back at CSGO in 2018

With 2018 almost drawing to a close, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to take a look back at CSGO in 2018 and highlight some of the biggest momentsMore

Everything you need to know about PUBG: Vikendi Survivor Pass

This month, PUBG launched their third map, Vikendi, and now a brand new Survivor pass for it has been advertised on the front of the Steam store. In this article,More

FaZe drops Karrigan as future looks uncertain

FaZe may have been fighting for first place during 2017, but ever since their loss against Cloud9 during the ELEAGUE Boston Major at the start of the year, they justMore

CS:GO goes F2P and gets Battle Royale

After teasing a big CSGO content drop on Twitter, Valve today pushed a brand new update to live servers that adds a new battle royale mode and brand new skins.More

Shroud’s Old Guys Club fights for a Major Spot

Whilst Shroud formally stepped down from playing CS:GO competitively on the Cloud9 roster to focus on streaming full time, recently he has partnered up with some old buddies to rekindleMore

Astralis smoke settings drama explained – Is Astralis cheating?

This week the CS:GO community has seen a lot of drama due to some accusations sent toward Astralis. The community has been split on whether Astralis may or may notMore