FIFA betting is already a prominent part of the esports betting scene, with millions of people hopping into their favourite betting sites and apps to bet on a large number of FIFA matches happening across the globe. FIFA betting is an easy thing to get into, but like everything that has to do with money, there are certain risks involved – that’s why we’ve assembled a guide of the best FIFA betting tips!

So, in order to minimise your risks and avoid those errors, it’s always a great idea to have someone put you through the basics. Some of these FIFA betting sites also provide tutorials and demos so you can get the hang of things and learn how to properly bet on FIFA games.

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Best FIFA Betting Tips For Succesful Bets

You could also find tips to make your FIFA betting experience as optimal as possible, which is what is available for you right here. Without delay, here are some of the best FIFA betting tips you need to know to make the best out of your experience

1. Do your research and take your time

A common mistake new players make is forgetting they’re betting on an esport and betting on the teams, just as they would bet in real life. One thing to remember is that you’re betting on the esports athletes, so it doesn’t matter what team they pick. What matters is the athletes’ skill level. So if one player picks Barcelona FC and another picks Bolton, it’s not a guarantee that Barcelona would be victorious. That’s why it’s best to do your research upfront on the athletes, the teams they play with, and the league or tournament they are participating in, as well as their opponents.

This means before you go into a bet, you have a good grasp of the player that might come out on top and wouldn’t be going in equipped with only the luck you have. It also would be beneficial to find the best FIFA betting sites that cater to your needs as a player.

2. Start low and work your way up

It’s common knowledge to never go into any bet as a beginner and begin betting high. This would surely lead you to make more losses and have a sour first time with FIFA betting. It’s a safer option to start off with small amounts of games to build your confidence and gain a better understanding of how FIFA betting works. This way, you don’t lose as much money in the process. Over time you’d gain the experience, knowledge, and confidence to take on bigger bets and risks.

3. Don’t bet on teams, bet on matches

Naturally, as a beginner, you would be eager to jump right into the betting and action and start betting on your favourite athletes and teams. This isn’t in any way a bad idea, but you’d be missing out on one of FIFA betting’s more friendly markets. This simply means betting on the match instead of the teams and players, and most bookmakers have markets for that, which include total goals, total corners, etc. If you can’t decide on one side or want to maximise your total winnings, give these market options a try.

There are even opportunities to bet on tournaments like the FIFA eWorld cup. Not only can you bet on the winner, but you can also bet on who makes it to the finals and the top goal scorer.

4. Use the live stream, if possible

Many bookmakers offer the option to stream matches from their sites or apps. This would help build your knowledge of the action happening during these matches and as well be able to gauge your odds. If you follow the live stream, it’s a good idea to check in on the odds, as happenings in the match directly influence the odds of the game. For Example, when a goal is scored, FIFA betting odds usually fluctuate.

5. Keep an open mind and a cool head

The best advice to give someone under any circumstance is to keep a cool head and an open mind. This also applies to FIFA betting. You need to keep your emotions in check and be very analytical about the game you’re betting on. Also, be very open to changing your mind as things happen during games that you can’t always predict. This means live betting is a much safer option, as you can change your mind and bet as the game goes on. So keep your cool and bet on the team you think will win, not the one you want to win.

6. Have fun and keep safe

This has to be the most crucial piece of advice anyone can give you regarding FIFA betting. The world of FIFA betting comes with its recognised risks, but it’s also a fun and rewarding experience. It is an avenue to bring players closer to the action and share the stakes and emotions the athletes feel, both in FIFA esports and real life. This is why you should be out to enjoy the experience as much as you can.

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There are some steps to take to make sure your fun isn’t ruined, like never sharing your login and card details with anyone, always keeping bets to an acceptable level, and most importantly, if it stops being fun, then stop playing.

Most people forget the last part and always want to end their session with a win. This makes them bet irrationally and excessively, spending more than they needed to. Once you’re no longer having fun betting, then stop betting and move away. As the popular saying goes, “live to fight another day”.

These are the best FIFA betting tips to help you enjoy FIFA betting to its fullest. All that is left is for you to implement these FIFA betting tips and have a wonderful experience with your PC or with the best FIFA betting app.