Germany is known to all as a rigid country where discipline is the key to success! And esports betting in Germany is not an exception of such rule!

In this article we will talk about the insights and all you need to know before placing a bet, best esports betting sites in Germany, and which events and teams take priority! Keep on reading.

Is it legal to gamble on esports in Germany?

Although it is hard to believe, in 2008, an interstate treaty was decreed banning esports betting in Germany. However, in 2012 the state of Schleswig-Holstein did not want to continue to comply with this agreement.

They enacted laws regulating online gambling on a regional basis. So, they granted various licenses to local and foreign operators. However, in 2014 political changes occurred in Schleswig-Holstein which resulted in the repeal of the online gambling laws.

Therefore, esports betting in Germany was only possible if players used foreign sites. The law wasn’t clear, for example, no penalties were imposed on gamblers, only bookmakers who exploited online gambling. However, a new state treaty allowing online gambling in Germany is expected to be approved. Then, online gambling sites may apply for an operating license from July 2021.

It should be noted that several sectors in Germany are in agreement with this law. However, they would like to see some aspects of consumer protection measures, betting limits, etc. better clarified.

Best esports betting sites in Germany

Betting on esports isn’t easy if you choose the wrong bookmaker. So, here is a small list of sites that may be the best choices for German players:

Neo.Bet is a bookmaker with a license issued by the MGA and is currently negotiating its permission to operate in Germany. It is also possible to place esports bets in Germany on various events. Like DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and many more as you can see through our review. Also, it offers a welcome bonus that doubles your first deposit and some seasonal bonuses to keep you playing for low cash.


Currently, 22Bet has updated its regulations in Germany and is licensed by the Curaçao government to operate. They have a welcome bonus of 122% on initial income. Their esports offer is one of the most extensive with Dota 2, CSGO, LOL, StarCraft, Rocket League, King of Glory, and many other games available.


In Luckbox you can bet live and watch by streaming the events of Overwatch, Dota, CSGO, LOL, among others. Besides, they give a 100% registration bonus on the initial deposit. The site is reliable because it is licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision. On the other hand they have several specific betting markets that are not as common in other betting sites, especially for FPS esports titles.

Betway –Not anymore

Betway has 15 years of experience, more than 2 million users, and licenses from the MGA and the UK Gambling Commission. Their welcome bonus doubles the first deposit and they offer many betting markets in most relevant esports championships. Unfortunately, since December for regulatory reasons, the site was forced to stop its operations in the country.

ESL One Cologne Tournaments in Germany


Favorite esports to bet on in Germany

The interest in esports betting in Germany has grown considerably. It is worth mentioning that, in this country, they organize annual events such as the ESL One, where the profits generated are millions. For example, in 2018, 62,500,000 Euros were collected in esports, which exceeds what was obtained by other European countries. Immediately, we’ll tell you about esports with more fans and bets:


It is one of the favorite FPS multiplayer games since 1999. The theme is to prevent groups of terrorists from committing kidnappings, murders, and detonating bombs. Since its launching in Half-Live mode, it has evolved and at the moment it has an important community of followers. In Germany, there are 81 professional teams where in world tournaments they face other countries.

League of Legends

Active since 2009 this RTS-born game launched the MOBA genre to the sky! The goal in League of Legends is to devastate the opposing team’s base. To achieve this you must clear roads, demolish towers and fight terrible monsters to win.

There are currently 26 teams and 58 professional players from Germany participating in the top championships.

Dota 2

In 2013 Dota 2 is launched to re-master the very first famous Multiplayer online battle arena.

Each player chooses from 100 heroes for one that can actually balance with their teammates and claim the victory!

Currently, the German nation has 15 teams and 28 players, highlighting Kuroky as one of the best DOTA 2 players of the world.

Favourite tournaments and teams in Germany

Knowing players, teams, and tournaments will give you an advantage towards finding the best esports betting odds. So, here is what you will find when looking for esports gambling in Germany:


In 2021 teams that follow Counter-Strike will face each other in several tournaments. Highlighting on the BIG list, ALTERNATE aTTaX, and Team ALTERNATE, now for 2021 these events are expected:

  • UNITED Pro Series Winter “Duel”: This championship that will take place in Hamburg, Germany is organized by MateCrate. Here, 8 teams will face each other for a prize pool of 41,465 euros.
  • ESL One Cologne 2021: This is an event organized by ESL and will take place at Lanxeess Arena in Cologne. This tournament is sponsored by Intel, DHL, Game Fuel, among others. Every year more than 14 fans from more than 60 countries are received. Their prize pool in 2020 for 16 participating teams was $325,000 from the European division.

For League of Legends

LEC spring 2021 is one of the most expected European championships in 2020. Moreover, 10 teams will participate in this competition, among which Fnatic, SK Gaming, Misfits Gaming stand out for their success. Also, the organizer of the event is Riot Games and the prize money will be 200,000 euros.

European Masters is the academy level division in League of Legends for Europe, featuring the best European regional champions in the scene.  Some of the most established European and German esports organizations will attend this event.

For Dota 2

One of the most followed local Dota 2 online tournaments is the ESL Meisterschaft. In this event organized by ESL, the prize pool exceeds 26000 euros where 12 teams will fight to get them.

The sponsors are Pringles, TK, McDonald’s, Bitburguer, Cup Noodles, among others. Also, the German teams that have given their best in this Dota 2 tournament in the past are EURONICS Gaming, Recast Gaming, and 5 Comrades.

Local esports teams and companies in Germany

In 2017 the esports association esport-Bund Deutschland eV was founded in Germany. Teams, event promoters, and esports organizations are affiliated within it. Initially, there were 22 members, but the number has grown up to 61 members by January 2021.

On the other hand, the best German esports teams for esports betting in Germany (based on their records) are:

  • SK Gaming – “Schroet Kommando” has terrified opponents since 1997, and is one of the most established esports organizations on the planet. Over the past two decades it has fielded some of the best rosters in CS:GO and some of the most recognizable players in the history of the scene. They departed the CS scene back in 2018 and are mostly focused on their LEC and EM teams in League of Legends.
  • Mousesports – Since 2002 this eesports club has won several tournaments in games like CSGO and Dota 2. In 2019 it won the League of Legends championship. Also, in 2019 it was ranked number one in the ESL world. One of his most famous players is Chris de Jong (chrisJ) from the Netherlands. He has accumulated more than $600,000 in wins.
  • BIG – Berlin International Gaming or BIG is making waves in the esports scene after former NRG Esports players gobb, LEGIJA and tabseN founded the organization back in 2017. The team has won over a million dollars in prize money in their short lifetime, and plenty of premier level CS:GO events.
  • Unicorns of Love – The small family-run esports organization has made waves in the LoL scene in the five years. Currently fielding LoL rosters competing in both the Russian LCL and the European Masters Prime Division, UoL is one of the most beloved esports organisations in Europe.

It is worth mentioning that one of the best esports players in Germany is Kuro Salehi (Kuroky). He recently formed his own team, Team Nigma, after retiring from Team Liquid. In earnings, he has accumulated more than 5 million dollars.

Esports industry in Germany

Now let’s talk about the companies related to eesports. The most important is ESL, which is part of the MTG group. It is an industry leader in Germany and other countries because it organizes online and offline championships. Besides, it operates hand in hand with other brands such as Championship, DreamHack, and Intel Extreme Masters.

Esports Gambling in Germany

© ESL | Jak Howard

Esports gambling in Germany: Betting markets

The market for esports betting in Germany is vast. You will immediately see that you can bet on the most famous games:

Counter-Strike (CSGO)

  • Winner of the event.
  • Player with the most deaths.
  • Total number of rounds played.
  • Winner of the round of guns.
  • Total of maps.

League of Legends

  • Winner team.
  • Extended bet.
  • Over/Under.
  • Number of collapsed towers.
  • Final score of a game.
  • Winners of the lane.

Dota 2

  • Results of the game.
  • Winner of the championship.
  • Money goals.
  • Negative map advantage.
  • First team in 20 kills.
  • Roshan kills.
  • First team to destroy a tower.

Accepted payment methods in Germany

German players have several methods to finance their esports bets in Germany. These are accepted in many parts of the world, are reliable and secure for this type of transaction.

It is important to note that, payment methods such as Paypal, Visa, and MasterCard are not available. Because of that the prohibition of transactions on unauthorized gaming sites.

It is expected that soon with the approval of the new state treaty for online gambling. The use of these forms of payment will again be allowed.

Below, we present the ones available for you to know:

  • eWallets: Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers.
  • Payment system: Sofort, Giropay, Trustly.
  • Prepaid card: Paysafecard.

Last words on Esports Betting in Germany

In just a few years, there has been an accelerated growth in the gaming industry in Europe. For this reason, the German authorities will approve in July 2021 a treaty that will legalize esports betting in Germany.

This is a big step forward, as esportsbooks offering their betting services in this country must be licensed. In this way, consumers’ rights will be protected.