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Neo.Bet Review - Great odds for the main esports titles

Neo.Bet is a betting site that aims to serve pro betters and those with a lot of experience. Their tagline is ‘for pros, by pros’, which is a good approximation of the experience of using Neo.bet. The site isn’t just for pros though. It has plenty of user-friendly features and things to boost ease of use that make it a great site for anyone to use. A Neo.bet review can show you how well the site actually serves Esports as long as traditional sports or Neo.bet casino.

Neo.Bet’s professionalism is clear when you first fire up the site. Its layout and design are functional and don’t force badly working widgets onto the site. On mobile or desktop, you’ll find a simple experience that cuts to the chase. This approach is visible in the rest of the site, with great transparency and ease of use.

Neo.bet has all of the things that you really need from a betting site. There are different payment methods and security to feel safe depositing your money there. There are also bonuses and extensive markets to encourage you to chose this bookie over another. The customer service on offer is quick and responsive, which is a big help when you’re betting on Esports. So what exactly sets Neo.bet apart as being for professionals though?

Interface & Design Clear and Concise

Neo.bet’s interface is pretty different a lot of the other Esports betting sites out there. Rather than taking space with flashy graphics and interface, the design here servers its purpose. It is quick and simple to see odds, specials, and markets without having to navigate a gamer themed website. A Neo.bet review should mention though, that this could be intimidating for first-time betters. The pages are largely filled with the actual substance of the site, the information you need to place bets.

This is a pro rather than a con though. Things are kept simple and intuitive to use. This makes the site much easier to actually navigate and operate than those caught up in flashy gimmicks. Placing and dealing with bets doesn’t require you to click through countless pages. Finding the odds for multiple events is easy to do, as is placing your bets or checking their status.

On mobile, things are just as easy to use. The Neo.bet app is laid out in much the same way as the website but orientated for use on mobile. Despite pages containing a lot of information, they’re easy to navigate on the Neo.bet app. Finding what you need is quick and simple. Extra features like the latest news are contained at the bottom, available if you need them but without being intrusive.

While the concise and to the point design could initially seem confusing to new bettors, it is actually simpler than a lot of the flashier designs. This is one of the highlights of a Neo.bet review, the ease of use across the entire design weather on desktop of the Neo.bet app.


Bonus Offers & Free Bets Free Bets and Neo.Bet Welcome Bonuses

Most Esports bookies offer a wide array of bonuses to get you interested. This is a major part of choosing a bookie, since bonuses reward you for playing and often let you win when first signing up or even make a free bet just for following a certain big event.

The Neo.bet bonus offers include a 200% deposit match for your first deposit in euros or 100% in Canada. Second and third deposits run similar 50% deposit matches in Canada. To be specific, the bonuses are as below:

– 1st Deposit Bonus – 200% up to €50 euro (EU) or 100% up to €150 euro (EU) / 100% up to $100 (Canada)
– 2nd Deposit Bonus – 50% up to $50 (Canada)
– 3rd Deposit Bonus – 50% up to $50 (Canada)

On top of these welcome offers, there are others that you’ll have access to like an offer for trying out a new feature. You can find these on the regular site and the Neo.bet app.

Beyond the initial sign-up offer, Neo.bet offers can be found fairly regularly, appearing to promote various events or just at random to some accounts. These offers all come with the similar terms and conditions to other Esports betting offers, so be sure to check them before signing up for clarity on things like wagering requirements.

Most offers on Neo.bet have to be betted at odds of 1.5 or above and rolled over 5 times. This is quite a bit better than the wagering requirements that you usually find for more generous offers. A bonus can be transferred into your actual wallet quicker than you’d expect with lower requirements.

Neo.bet Bonus
200% Deposit, up to €50

Payments Plenty of Variety

Being able to make payments to a site in different methods is a key feature for making somewhere easy to use. In a Neo.Bet review, you’d have to mention the many options that the site provides. You have 11 different methods for depositing money and 9 for withdrawing. Things are pretty simple here and you can use a payment method that you’re accustomed too.

You can deposit to Neo.Bet through a lot of different E-Wallets, like MuchBetter and Skrill. There are also many different options for paying straight from your bank or using a card. Unlike a lot of bookies, you have a choice between who handles a card payment so you can choose the one you feel safest with. Most sites have a specific provider for bank transfers, so this is a nice extra.

Also in their payment methods is NeoCoin. This isn’t a cryptocurrency but a currency that you can use on Neo.bet just to try out their services. If you want to figure out if this site is the one for you, then using Neocoin lets you test everything out without having to make your own deposit. You can’t use it with Neo.bet bonuses, but you can get to grips with the site before committing.

Bank Transfer

Esports Markets Wide Options for Building your Own Bet

As with any betting site, the Esports markets are vital for a Neo.bet review. These are the different games, matches, and things in an individual match you can bet on. Along with a Neo.bet casino their betting markets are the variety of things you can actually use the site for.

Most traditional bookies offer Esports betting. The thing that makes some better than others is often the scope of markets. Neo.bet’s Esports markets have a decent amount of variety. Whether you’re into CSGO betting, betting on LoL, Overwatch betting or even Dota 2 betting, the big events are covered.

The different events they offer markets on come with different possibilities for what to bet on. Some CSGO games come with various ways to bet beyond just the money line of who wins the match. Others are more limited, but this is a good spread compared to most Esports bookies.

Neo.bet Esports Markets. CSGO DOTA LOL Overwatch

Live Streaming Convenient and Stable Streaming

Neo.bet offers live streaming for some events on the platform. This works quite well since the pared-back website design means it runs considerably easier. Live streaming is a great added feature to come with Esports betting, it helps you monitor how a game is going while keeping an eye on the odds and your bets.

The streaming itself functions better than a lot of sites too. Most of this is likely down to how well the general website runs. Since it isn’t bloated with various features the live streaming can run at a decent quality.

As with any other platform though, the live streaming options don’t cover every Esports game. This is just a practicality of how licensing agreements are organized. Things are a lot more open with Esports than regular sports though. While a Neo.bet review can’t claim that you’ll always be able to live stream a game you’re keeping an eye on, a lot of Esports markets are pretty well covered. It isn’t everything, but it is a lot easier to live stream Esports from a bookie than the Premier League.

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

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Odds and Limits Great Odds with Little Random Changes

Neo.bet offers some decent odds on most Esports events. While a Neo.bet review can’t cover the exact Esports odds for every single event, we can give some examples that show the quality of the odds offered by Neo.bet.

For an upcoming CSGO game, Neo.Bet offers 13/25 for Sharks Esports. This is around the same odds as most other bookies, which averaged out to 1.55 or 0.55/1. The Neo.Bet odds aren’t dramatically better than elsewhere, but they are roughly in line with most other bookies. When it comes to Esports this is a bigger plus than it might initially seem.

A lot of bookies seem to pull odds out of thin air when it comes to Esports. It may be because the sports aren’t as new, but there is a much greater variety in odds offered than you’ll find with traditional sports. Neo.bet offer odds which are stable and roughly in line with the averaged odds elsewhere. A good comparison point is an exchange bookie, which lets users take their bets from others. This tends to give them the most accurate odds since there is no house edge to factor in. Neo.bet roughly line up with the odds offered by exchanges for most major Esports events, which is about as good as it gets.

You can set your own limits at Neo.Bet as with most bookies these days. You can also set up voluntary exclusion. These are great security measures if you ever feel the need to use them.

Customer Service Live Chat with Quick Replies

The customer service for Neo.Bet have the usual options of emails, but the live chat on offer is really where you’ll find the quickest response. Real people can be in contact with you within five minutes of loading up the customer service window. Or at least in testing for this Neo.Bet review, the response time never went above five minutes.

Live chat is a much easier way to get customer support since you can get quick responses in real-time. When you’ve made an error and need a quick answer before an event starts and you commit your money to something, this is really useful. Customer support can also help with any security questions though. Such quick response times can help you feel at ease about depositing cash into the platform.

Security & Licensing Licensed in Malta

The security and licensing of a betting site is one of the most important factors, if it is sometimes a little duller than the special features! Neo.bet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority for all of its activities, so you can feel secure that everything is above board.

Neo.bet isn’t licensed to operate in some countries though. At the moment, they operate in Austria, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands. This does limit where you can access Neo.Bet, but the site is fully licensed and safe to use here.


Conclusion Our final words on Neo.bet

Neo.Bet’s attempt to make a site for professionals is clear in how the site works. Its layout, use, markets, and odds are all geared towards usability rather than flash. You’ll find a lot of markets with great odds and an easy to use system. There are plenty of options for depositing and getting bonuses. While the site is a bit stripped back, this ease of use is a great sacrifice.

This Neo.Bet review found the odds and customer service to be great on the site. Being simple and safe to use too, Neo.bet is a site that works great for professionals and beginners

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