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Did you find Rivalry’s current bonus was way too complicated, or did you think that it represented good value for money? What about the brand’s live betting options? Share your Rivalry user reviews with us so that we can get a much more accurate picture of what this brand are all about.


It’s easy to forget that Rivalry have only been with us for little over a year, and there’s not too much information about the brand out there. But if you are willing to submit your own Rivalry user reviews to us, then we can share them with the world so that other gaming fans can see what the esports betting site are all about. So share your Rivalry user reviews with us and let us know what you think about this promising new brand.

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We are always looking for real gaming fans to contribute to our site. So if you have used the Rivalry esports betting site, then be sure to write your own review that we can feature on our betting resource. Your review doesn’t have to be too long, just make sure that it’s honest and can help other gamers know whether or not they should sign up to the Rivalry esports betting service. Needs Your Help

We are looking for so much more than Rivalry user reviews however. This is because we are on the hunt for real-life experiences for everything to do with esports betting. Have you stumbled across a particularly impressive new esports betting site, or is there a dodgy esports promotion that you would like to warn everybody about? Be sure to share your experiences with us so that we can make the world’s best esports betting resource.

Most people will realise that the esports betting domain is changing all of the time. From new gaming success stories like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to the advent of live streaming, it can often be tricky to keep up with all of the latest developments. But if you are willing to share your real-life experiences of esports betting with us, then we can gradually build an unbeatable esports betting resource. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced pro, be sure to let us know your thoughts about esports betting and help us become the best in the business.

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