Our Crypto.com review found that this is a great site for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrencies. Not only does it let you buy and sell lots of cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you’ll find that it’s also a great place for trading NFTs.

Crypto.com has been a trusted site for trading cryptocurrencies for over a decade, and it’s great to see that it is keeping up with the changing trends in blockchain tech. So make sure that you take a look at our Crypto.com review below to see whether this is the right crypto broker for you.

Crypto.com review

The basics of Crypto.com

So what is Crypto.com? Well, it’s an online platform that was founded in 2016 and it lets you buy and sell over 250 different kinds of cryptocurrencies. There are well over 10 million people currently trading at Crypto.com from all over the world, and this is sure to increase as a result of the NFT trading marketplace.

While there are plenty of crypto brokers out there who perform a similar function, Crypto.com has a few distinguishing features. For example, many Crypto.com review have focused on the fact that there is a Crypto.com Visa Card that allows you to get up to 8% back depending on how much you spend. Plus Crypto.com has a unique reward program that’ll give you anywhere up to a further 14.5% on your investments.

All of this is nicely packaged in a crypto trading platform that you can either access via the brand’s website or through one of the Crypto.com apps. Sound good? Then let’s have a closer look at what we discovered in our Crypto.com review.

Crypto trading – Buy and sell hundreds of cryptocurrencies

The core function of Crypto.com is to let you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing this Crypto.com review, you could trade well over 250 cryptocurrencies. These cryptos were paired up against over 20 regular fiat currencies so that you could easily establish the real-world value of the digital assets.

The range of cryptocurrencies is very impressive. Obviously, the bulk of the trades here will be on Bitcoin, but there’s plenty more here besides the world’s biggest crypto. Crypto.com is an excellent place for buying and selling Ethereum which is sure to be of interest to anyone who wants to play crypto games. Beyond this, you’ll see a familiar list of cryptos that you can buy or sell. Highlights include the likes of Cardano, Polkadot and Elon Musk’s favourite crypto, Dogecoin.

The crypto trading action takes place on the Crypto.com exchange. Initially, it looks like a confusing page full of graphs, charts and figures, but it’s actually pretty easy to use. In the top left, you should see the crypto and currency pairing such as Bitcoin against the US dollar and from here you’ll see a graph that displays whether the value of the cryptocurrency is rising or falling in real-time.

There’s a massive amount of analytics here that might be beyond many newcomers to crypto trading. However, the main purchasing section is fairly intuitive to use so that you can buy, sell, set up stop limits and so on. Plus if you spend a little time at Crypto.com you’ll learn to recognise the key moments to buy and sell your digital assets.

Crypto.com Trading

Trading NFTs at Crypto.com

You’ll know that NFTs are big news at the moment, and so it’s no surprise that Crypto.com would be quick to set up its own NFT marketplace. This is packed with all kinds of digital collectibles that range from exclusives from celebrities like Snoop Dogg all the way through to the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. Plus it has many more weird and wonderful NFTs that include music, art and of course a million cat-based digital assets.

But the chances are that you’re here to see what this NFT marketplace is like for your gaming needs. Well, the good news is that there’s a separate gaming category here that is packed full of cool collectibles that you can buy and of course, you’ll be able to sell your own NFTs earned from your crypto gaming. So if you received an NFT from your gameplay, you can simply bring it to Crypto.com, put it on the marketplace and see if anyone is willing to pay for it. There’s no guarantee that anyone will, but that’s the nature of NFTs.

We’d also recommend that you check out some of the Drops that feature exclusive NFTS that you can pick up before anyone else. Chances are that you’ll be skimming through the main marketplace for your own collectibles, and here you can either buy or sell an NFT outright or take part in an auction. It’s not the most expansive NFT marketplace that we’ve come across, but it’s definitely a good place to look if you’re new to these revolutionary digital assets.

Crypto.com NFTs

Payments – Safe and secure ways to fund your crypto trades

While Crypto.com is one of the most visible crypto brokers in the world, it still has its feet on the ground and will let you buy cryptocurrencies with regular money. This can be seen in the fact that the site features nearly two dozen different kinds of currency that are pegged against the featured cryptocurrencies.

Once you have signed up to the Crypto.com site, you will find it easy to make your deposits required to start crypto trading. Current payment methods accepted include trusted debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, and you also have the option of making a regular bank transfer. This is probably the place where we should remind you of the fact that there is a Crypto.com Visa card that not only looks sleek and metallic, but also gives you up to 8% back on your spending without any kind of fees. What’s best is that you can top up this card with other cryptos or a regular fiat currency.

Can you trust Crypto.com?

There are plenty of dodgy crypto brokers out there and we are glad to say that Crypto.com isn’t one of them. After all it has enough deep order book liquidity to survive even the most treacherous market conditions, and its actual exchange is lightning fast. Our Crypto.com review found that it has all of the necessary ISO/IEC and PCI:DSS certification to keep any payments made safe and the same will be true for your personal data.

We should note the fact that Crypto.com is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. This shows that the brand has reached the minimum requirements to prove that it can host a secure and legitimate online trading platform.

Crypto.com Security

Getting help at Crypto.com

We were glad to see that Crypto.com is an online crypto trading site that’s got customer support every bit as good as what we found in our Binance review. This means that you can always get responsive and professional help from the fast live chat service.

Beyond this, you can reach out to Crypto.com via email, and the crypto broker is also on a variety of social media channels such as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and so on.

We should also note that Crypto.com hosts an impressive number of resources that are there to help you with your crypto trades. Nowhere is this more true than in the help centre where you’ll find a comprehensive database covering everything from what fees you have to pay on the exchange to how you can trade NFTs for the very first time.

Other interesting things found in our Crypto.com review

Obviously, Crypto.com isn’t the only crypto brokers platform out there, and it’ll have to do something a bit special to keep you from going to another site. This is where the Crypto Stake Rewards scheme comes in. Here you will get rewards just by depositing your cryptocurrency into the Crypto.com site.

It’s a loyalty program that could help you earn up to 14.5% extra each year for cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, although this amount dips down to 14% for stablecoins.

Crypto.com Stake Rewards

Conclusion – Key points of our Crypto.com review

We think that Crypto.com is definitely worth a look if you are just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy your first cryptocurrency or just want to trade an NFT that you got from a crypto game, as Crypto.com makes everything very easy.

Obviously you should shop around to see which one of our featured crypto brokers is right for you. After all, our Etoro review showed that this broker operates a little differently. But on the whole, we were very impressed with what we found at Crypto.com. So be sure to register your account with Crypto.com and start trading your cryptos and NFTs.