Sure, crypto games and play-to-earn games are rapidly attracting hordes of users. But the esports industry is booming leaps and bounds. Some genius decided that it’d be cool if we combined basketball and P2E model. The next thing we know, we had a bunch of esports P2E titles lined up for release.

So to make things easier for you, we decided to pick out the top 5 esports crypto games that looked promising to us.

Crypto Esports Games

Top 5 Crypto Esports Games to Check Out in 2022

For this year, we have picked out some of the best esports crypto games:

1. Zuki Moba

Zuki Moba combines several elements of MOBA games and is based on the popular Japanese game Yukigassen. It’s a fun-filled snowball fight that will have you hooked for hours. The action-packed online battle has the potential to bloat into a worldwide esport with a P2E model.

As a player, you will be creating your own avatar and modifying metaverse structures. You can use the in-game currency to build avatars, weapons, and other in-game items. Players can choose from a variety of modes – MOBA, battle royale, and others.

Interestingly, Zuki Moba needs your personal and teamwork skills. Just like any other MOBA game, Zuki Moba has heroes, and these heroes have special skills. To deploy these skills in the battle, you need mana. The crystals in the game are used to recharge your energy.

Zuki Moba is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The decentralized game is currently in the development stage. It will be available on Android and iOS after release.

Zuki Moba Esports Crypto Game

© Zuki Moba

2. Basketball Legends

Just like the name suggests, Basketball Legends is all about your favorite sport – Basketball. In fact, the game features all the popular leagues from across the globe.

With a “practice, invest, earn” gameplay, you can build your team and lead it to victory. You can recruit players and coach and strategize the game. Obviously, experienced players and professional coaches will increase your chances of winning matches.

Initially, you will be practicing in the amateur matches and prepping up for the actual matches. The esports game is based on the Binance Smart Chain. As of now, Basketball Legends is in the Beta stage. It is available on the web.

Basketball Legends

© Basketball Legends

3. MetaBirds

Imagine Angry Birds but in a racing game and you have got the right picture of MetaBirds. As you might have guessed from the description, it’s a fun game to play and you can get addicted real quick. It’s a multiplayer game, so you can bring your friends along.

The gameplay mechanics are simple too. All you have to do is tap and guide your bird to fly towards the finish line. As your birds flap towards triumph, you go up the leaderboard and win rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. To gain more rewards, you can complete the daily quests.

The backstory of MetaBirds is rather sad. The evil Legions have captured the metaverse and have enslaved the birds. The Legions use the birds for entertainment (and bird races). The bird that wins the race will be set free.

MetaBirds is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. As of now, the game is in the Alpha stage and accessible via the web.

Meta Birds

© Meta Birds

4. Bitcoin Bounce

As you might have guessed, Bitcoin Bounce is about bouncing the coin along the blockchain to see how far it goes. It might sound easy peasy lemon squeezy, but that’s certainly not the case!

There are powerups in the game that keep you engaged. You can boost speed, shield yourself, move further on the blockchain, and other boosts. The collectible characters add a collection twist to the game.

To earn real crypto assets, you have to take part in the daily draw. To enter the raffle, you need to collect THNDR tickets. The prizes are paid via The Lightning Network. If you are lucky, you might win Bitcoins. Make sure that your crypto wallet supports ‘Lightning Network’.

Bitcoin Bounce is based on Bitcoin (obviously). One of the best things about Bitcoin Bounce is that it’s free to play. However, the game is available only on Android.

Bitcoun Bounce

© Bitcoin Bounce

5. CryptoFights: Battlegrounds Evolved

With battle royales and survival games on the fleek, there was bound to be a crypto version of the genre. CryptoFights is not your regular battleground though. The game is rather turn-based combat and you have to devise strategies to defeat the opponents.

Your in-game character can be equipped with powerful weapons. You can also hide, run, dodge, and do much more. Moreover, the game lets you place bets on the results of the match. Even spectators can place bets. All the footage of the matches is stored for future references, dispute resolution, and transparency.

CryptoFights: Battlegrounds Evolved is based on the BSV chain. The in-game items can be traded on the Kronoverse marketplace. As of now, it’s in the beta stage. Upon release, it will be available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

CryptoFights Crypto Esports Game

© CryptoFights

Other Crypto Esports Games

Other promising esports crypto titles include Snook, Dark Country, Arc8 by GAME, and many more. In fact, many interesting projects with the esports theme are in development for 2022.

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