Blockchain games come in all shapes and sizes. They come in every theme imaginable – be it dystopian Cyberpunk metaverse or a League of Legend-type RPG. Thankfully, we have crypto farm games on blockchain as well. At some point, we have all played farming simulator games like Hay Day, Township, and Farmville. Such simulators have their own dedicated fanbase. They are all quite relaxing and casual.

For 2022, we have handpicked some of the best crypto games that have a farm theme.

What are Crypto Farm Games?

Crypto farms games are just like regular farm simulator games. They are focused on harvesting crops, expanding farms, upgrading tools, raising cattle, and pretty much everything farm-related.

The only difference is that crypto farm games run on a blockchain. You might have to buy NFTs to get started. Most of the games based on crypto follow a play-to-earn format. So you’ll be earning from your NFT assets.

Crypto Farm Games

Top 3 Crypto Farming Games to Check Out

The farming simulators and similar games are based on blockchain. Here are some of the best crypto farm games for 2022.

1. CropBytes

CropBytes is a full-fledged farm simulator crypto game with a balanced economy based on agriculture. As a newbie, you will be given a starter kit with free assets. The goal is to harvest crops on your land, feed animals, and collect their extracts. In-game trading will bolster your portfolio and help you get more profits. You can expand your farm too.

The game runs on the CBX tokens. The CBX can be traded for Superhero NFTs. These special, rare NFTs will increase your profits, they’re breedable and look great on your portfolio. You can try CropBytes for free before you decide to invest real money.

CropBytes Crypto Farm Game

© CropBytes

2. Plant vs. Undead

This game will remind you of the popular game ‘Plants vs Zombies’. Plant vs. Undead is not exactly a farm simulator, but there’s a lot of planting to be done here. It’s a tower defense game wherein you have to defend yourself against the Undead (a.k.a. zombies). Every player gets a starter kit for free.

The plants in the game are your NFT assets. You have to get seeds and grow them. The PVU tokens (in-game assets) can be used for tools, scarecrows, and other in-game items. If you like zombie and apocalypse-themed games, then you should be checking out Plants vs Undead. This game is immensely popular in Brazil.

3. Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World is your good old farm simulator game with a slight twist (more on that in a second). Players get to do everything that you have to do on a real farm. This means you will be using tools and harvesting crops.

While your crops are getting ready to be harvested, you can attack other players’ farms for loot (very much like Clash of Clans). Farmer’s World also has a card system for tools and other resources.

Just like other crypto farm games, Farmer’s World has a P2E format. However, the game is not free to play. To get started, you will have to purchase a tool from the marketplace.

Farmer's World Crypto Farm Game

© Farmer’s World


If you like casual games, then you might want to check out some popular crypto card games. The gameplay of these digital card games resembles Hearthstone. There are RPGs and MMORPGs as well that you can spare a glance at.

Finally, make sure you have a crypto wallet before you dive into crypto gaming. If you are not sure which wallets to use, check out our quick crypto wallets explanation!

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