There’s a lot of confusion around what a Funko NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is, primarily due to the quality of their merchandise. Their ubiquity has raised concerns about their quality, and the boasting of their fans has also invited mockery.

Funko POP NFTs

What are Funko NFT?

With its growing popularity, it is crucial to have the Funko NFT explained. Funko Non-fungible tokens, or NFTS, are collectable digital products made by toy company Funko. Each pack gives you a chance to win one of the rare digital Pop!TM that will be revealed when opened. These digital tokens are made from the company’s unique characters, figures and designs.

Each pack comes with a chance to win one of the rare digital Pop!TM that will be revealed when opened. The packs are available in stores starting at $9.99. Upon opening, it will be available for purchase using the platform, an account, and a credit card.

Digital pop is a wallet that holds Funko pop digital collectibles. Like Pokemon cards and baseball cards, these tokens are shaped like card forms of the funko pop figure. With Digital Pop, users can collect the NFTs by sending them safely. It also keeps track of the mint number and details of the tokens.

Through their partnership with the team at Droppp, they were able to create a platform and an NFT marketplace that will allow Funko fans to shop for Funko digital Pop! This is possible with Droppp being a platform that focuses on giving fans a collectable digital experience.

Funko Digital Pop! runs using the WAX blockchain. WAX will work seamlessly with the platform, allowing users to still track and access all of the previously purchased digital Pop! Items.

Funko NFT


Why is it Popular?

Funko Pops are known for their impressive figures featuring memorable characters and unique designs. One thing to know is that when buying Funko Pop, there are already specific limited editions that only have ten units produced. This means that you can acquire a rare one without knowing how limited they are.

Sometimes, certain toy items can become valuable, but their collectors are real collectors most of the time. Similar to meme coins, they are initially designed simply for fun, and collectors are not trying to make money off of the toys and items. When considering popular games and concepts like Funko Pop, NFTs have created a new ecosystem for trading these digital goods. They are designed to provide proof of ownership that’s easily verifiable.

Funko Pop collaborates with ViacomCBS for a new series of blockchain-based NFTs featuring iconic Star Trek characters. NFTs are not unique to Funko. Since July, the company has been releasing them, and the latest iteration is Star Trek. Aside from getting a free physical Funko Pop figure, rare Funko NFT cards also come with a unique code.

The first batch of 120 digital cards will be released on November 30th and feature various characters from Star Trek: The Original Series. In total, there are 48,000 packs of NFTs. The standard packs will be sold for $9.99, while the premium packs will cost $29.99.