DeRace is a decentralized horse racing universe powered by DeRace Coin, DERC. It features a virtual racing world similar to real-life horse gaming. This article will take a look at the various components of DeRace gameplay.

If you love gambling, then DeRace is the place for you. This game significantly demonstrates how the concept of gaming has evolved significantly over the years. NFT-powered games are now focused on creating and collecting special NFTs that are useful in-game. So far, NFT games have entered the gaming industry with varying levels of success. The year 2019 has witnessed the emergence of special NFTs and crypto gaming as a whole.

DeRace Gameplay

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Key to Gameplay: The Official DeRace Coin

DeRace is a decentralized platform that has its own native token, called DeRace Coin, which is responsible for all transactions on the platform. Its ERC-20 token is secured on the Ethereum blockchain. This was a project that was initially released on DAO Maker on July 26, 2021.

DeRace is the official coin of the game that enables users to earn DERC tokens by participating in various activities, such as trading, horse races, and breeding NFT horses. Although it is a relatively new asset, the DERC token has gained positive results since it was launched. The DERC token has seen robust growth since its launch, with its price increasing by 812% since August. November was its best-performing month, with the coin gaining 60.6% during that period.

Activities in DeRace

DeRace gameplay is authentic horse racing that provides players with an immersive experience. The game’s gameplay is created to be complex and simple to use. Players can choose to play as a Bookmaker, a Trainer, an Owner or simply a Bettor.

The player can also engage in both active and passive gameplay which determines the overall profit earned by them. The game’s core industry is not limited to horse racing. It also includes various other activities such as Hippodromes, where players can host races and compete against each other.

Components DeRace Gameplay

As a platform that promotes video gaming and gambling, DeRace gameplay is made up of various components. This DeRace Review shows all the great components of this virtual NFT horse racing game.

The game allows players to bet on a horse or participate in the race and win money in the form of DERC. It also shows all the upcoming events in the game, letting players filter the races they want to play in. The payouts are computed using the game’s algorithm. They are computed once a match ends, and the money that’s won will be transferred to the player’s account.

Aside from horse racing, players can also earn tokens by other means. Each race is highlighted on the dashboard and can be filtered by the player’s interest. Similar to the races, betting is also automatic. The system calculates the winning coefficients after the event.

An Efficient Marketplace

An in-game marketplace allows players to trade their assets, tokens, and sell DeRace Horses. Unlike other blockchain games, players can buy and sell their assets in-game. They can also perform analyses and predictions.

Derace Horses Marketplace

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DeRace is a game that aims to rectify the gambling industry and put players first. It is disrupting the current gaming environment by giving players the ability to create their own in-game assets. The game is also changing the way the NFT market is operated as there is a lot of community involvement in regulating the game.


DeRace aims to democratize the gaming industry by combining it with the growing popularity of gambling and video gaming. Crypto analysts believe that it will become the leader in the horse racing and betting markets.

The decentralized nature of the game and the NFT token have raised the platform’s profile. Over the past 6 months, the decentralized market has experienced continuous growth and is expected to reach its next peak.

DeRace’s decentralized solutions provide players with a safer, more secure, and transparent gaming experience.