DeRace is a horse racing metaverse where players can participate in horse races and build their own NFT Hippodrome. Being a crypto game, the horses in DeRace are NFTs, and all come with unique characteristics and abilities that make them stand out. With the existence of various NFT Horses, this DeRace review is here to help players understand the processes behind DeRace Horses.

An Extensive Selection of NFT Horses 

DeRace NFT horses look similar to real horses in appearance but are different from real horses due to their unique characteristics. These DeRace NFTs are valued based on their performance, value, and rarity.

Although NFT horses are bred for their unique skills and characteristics, they also have various recognizable traits such as sex, race, and breed.

Derace Horses Marketplace

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NFT horses can be created through breeding or bought from the marketplace. Their users can also improve their skills and participation in the game by ensuring they remain active. 

Breeding DeRace NFT Horses

DeRace also allows players to create their own horses. This is done by the combination of two tokens which creates a unique third token. They just need to select a male and female horse and a breeding cool-down at 0 to create or breed them.

During this process, both NFT horses are sent to the Genetic Algorithm through an Ethereum smart contract. This third NFT horse is generated using the same algorithm and is sent back to the user’s wallet.

The new horse’s genes are combined from those of the parent horses, with the addition of a +/- 5% deviation, and it’s sent back to the user’s wallet. Breeding new DeRace NFTs can also help users earn extra money on the DeRace marketplace. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the main feature of the DeRace platform. It allows users to make money by participating in a race, which is organized by paying a certain amount of fees.

DeRace Horses Racing

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Every race has a particular amount of horses. The number of horses used for the race is also set by the owner and this is done in the Hippodrome after fees have been settled. The winner of the event receives all the fees and a portion of all the bets.

The speed and stamina of the horses are not the sole factors that determine the outcome of the race. Players can also customize their own races. The horses are organized by RNG technology and the chances of winning are random. Players can also participate in the races and get coins automatically deposited to their accounts.

The DeRace Hippodrome

The races are held in the Hippodrome and players with more than 50% ownership of the facility get the right to manage the games. The Hippodrome has around 10,000 NFT tokens. Its administrators are known as Bookmakers and they handle the various aspects of the games and the fees that are charged for them.

The number of races and overall activity of a Hippodrome is used to determine the level systems used for their operation. Managers and owners can also play even when offline. The payouts are computed according to the level systems used for Hippodromes. They are auto-calculated and do not involve any manipulation.