Chess is one of the oldest games in history and is still played by millions of people around the world, both competitively and casually. Despite being around for more than 1500 years, chess’ rules have remained the same.

Players that make it to the top of the chess ranks show cutting-edge technique and have mastered the skill of problem solving. In 2023, you too can become a chess grandmaster, but this time on the blockchain!

Chess has been given the Play-To-Earn treatment in Immortal Game, the blockchain chess game that all chess fans, young and old, should try out. Read our Immortal Game review to learn more about this fun crypto game and all there is to know!


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What is Immortal Game?

So what is Immortal Game? It is a Play-To-Earn, free-to-play chess game that utilizes Web3 gaming mechanics to the fullest. The aim of the game is, of course, to play chess against other players, but there is more.

Players earn NFTs in Immortal Game known as “Immortals” They are unlocked through playing the game, and they represent the different chess pieces used in the actual game. What makes the NFTs interesting is that you unlock different ones by completing different tasks and challenges in the game.

As well as Immortals, there are two other types of NFT pieces called ‘Elements’ and ‘Purity’.

The aim is to play more games than your opponents and actively contribute to the Immortal Game ecosystem. Being an active gamer in Immortal Game and completing quests means you have an increased leaderboard point count at the end of each match.

You can get started with Immortal Game very easily. The sign up process is straightforward via their website. Create an account, choose your chess experience level, and connect your crypto wallet.

Immortal Game accepts the following crypto wallets:

  • Metamask
  • Wallet Connect
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Rainbow

Your NFTs and $CMT (Immortal Game token) can be withdrawn here. Complete the quests in-game to earn CMT, more on that later.

The game is fairly new, but so far the graphics of gameplay and the UI is clean and crisp. You can easily navigate the homepage, with each accessible part of the game clearly marked.

As time goes on, you can expect more from the Immortal Game. Their website states:

“We will be adding many more features to the Immortal Game experience in time, such as many new burn mechanisms for the $CMT token, i.e., fusing and leveling up your Immortals, changing quests on your Ageless pieces, but also gaining entry rights to tournaments, reserving lessons with top chess players in our Academy, and much more!”

Who is Behind Immortal Game?

Immortal Game is brought to us by Immortal Game, a Web3 startup looking to revolutionize the game of chess. They were founded in 2021 by Thomas Zaepffel, David Cingala, and Geoffroy Mestrallet.

It has been created using the Ethereum blockchain, and then Immutable X has been used as the layer-2 solution. Immutable X is a really popular choice for Web3 gaming thanks to its powerful API and simple SDK system. These together make it easy to create and launch games on the blockchain.

Back in 2022, the Immortal Game team had a number of fundraising rounds, all of which were incredibly successful. Kevin Durant, Spice Capital, Cassius and Kraken Ventures took part in two rounds that saw over $30 million raised.

For a crypto game to succeed, it always helps to get fundraising rounds, as the money comes in large amounts and in a convenient time frame. From there, dev teams can go ahead and develop their project for fans to enjoy!


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How can I earn in Immortal Game?

If you have gotten this far, you may now be wondering, “Can I earn in Immortal Game?”. The answer is yes, and there’s more ways than one, making this game of chess somewhat more interesting than it initially appears.

Play the game

The first way to earn money is by simply playing the Immortal Game. Each week, you can climb the leaderboards to win prize pools of $CMT tokens, Immortal NFTs, and other prizes.

Tournaments are also held where you can battle other players from around the world, which also have prize pools.

When you play the game you can acquire Immortal Game NFT which can be sold on the marketplace.

Refer friends

Another way to earn money with crypto in Immortal Game is to refer your friends to the game. This is done by sharing your link and creating an account.

When your code is used, you get:

  • Earn 10% commission on every NFT bought by your recruit
  • 1,000 CMT per eligible* player recruited.
  • 1 USD value in ETH per eligible* player recruited.

Your friend can also earn from the referral link:

  • 10% cashback on all NFTs bought on their account***.
  • 2 Ageless pieces and one more dropped at the end of each week (even if the previous Ageless quest was not completed).

The Immortal Game Community

The community for Immortal Game has grown since the game’s inception in 2021. Currently, the game is thriving on both Discord and Twitter.

Their Twitter follower count currently sits at 12.6k followers, and their Discord server has 15.2k members.

As mentioned previously, Immortal Game is a competitive game and with that there are regular tournaments held for players to take part in.

There are the ‘Weekly Standard’, ‘Weekly AP’ and ‘Weekly IP’ tournaments. They are free to enter, and leaderboards are updated in real time for you to see your progress. Each tournament has a prize pool counter that is accessible for all to see.

Previous large scale tournaments can be viewed on their site. Previous Immortal Game tournaments are NFT Paris, Alireza’s Bullet Tournament, Immortal Blitz Tournament, Ageless Rapid Tournament, and Winter Tournament Series.

We recommend you follow their social accounts and join their Discord server after reading this Immortal Game review. You will be kept in the loop with all game updates and future competitive crypto gaming events held in the game.

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The Final Verdict: Is Immortal Game Worth it?

If you are a fan of chess, then this game is absolutely worth a try. The developers have not made this game fancy. It is easily accessible and can be enjoyed by anyone who has an understanding of the game of chess.

The earning potential in this game is also interesting. Current tournament leaders have already won 0.35 in Ethereum, which is valued at $638.79 at the time of writing. For a weekly tournament, this is not bad going for a free-to-play game.

Of course, to really benefit from this game and thrive in it, you will need a really good understanding of chess. However, for a casual gamer who is looking to learn more about Web3 gaming or chess, be sure to check this out!


Is Immortal Game legit?

Absolutely Immortal Game is legit, and we hope this Immortal Game review has proven it!
It is the game that has brought chess onto the blockchain. It has a great community spirit, and their social media accounts are updated regularly by their team. With consistent payouts for players who win big, there is nothing showing that Immortal Game is not a legit crypto game.
Furthermore, many chess professionals and key figures in Web3 have gotten on board with Immortal Game.

What is Immortal Game in Chess?

Immortal Game on the blockchain is named after the game of chess played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky back in 1851. This game was specifically designed to be played casually rather than competitively. It was first played by Adolf and Lionel in London whilst they were both attending a tournament. It is used to teach concepts found within the game of chess.
We hope you have enjoyed this Immortal Game review. Be sure to check out our other top crypto game reviews!