Check out our guide to the best crypto games iOS users can enjoy. We’ve found a massive number of crypto games that you can now play on your iPhone or iPad. What’s best is that many of these will even let you trade in whatever you earn for some real-world value. Sound good? Then take a look below to see our pick of the best crypto mobile games for your iOS device.

Crypto Games iOS

The crypto games iOS revolution

If you’ve got an iPhone, then you will definitely want to start playing crypto games. These are a massively exciting new kind of game that gives you real-world rewards for your gameplay.

So you could download an online game to your iPhone, play in order to complete some objectives, and then you’d be rewarded with a token or NFT. These can then be traded for cryptocurrencies which can then be traded for regular money. Make sure that you get NFT explained here if this is all a bit new for you.

Crypto games might not match your current AAA console game in terms of graphics or gameplay, but the fact that you can make money from them cannot be ignored. Whether you’re playing a cute farming game or a skill game like Snook, these games are revolutionising the way we play. So grab your iPhone and let’s take a closer look at the best iOS crypto games.

Just some of the best crypto mobile games for your iPhone

In terms of the different types of crypto games, iOS users will have lots of different ways to play. There are crypto farming games, breeding games, mining games and plenty of RPG games too. So here’s a quick look at some of the best crypto mobile games that you can play now on your iPhone:

  • Axie Infinity – Perhaps the most famous crypto game at the moment, Axie Infinity is a breeding game where you breed, battle and collect cute fantasy creatures called Axies. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and you’ll have great fun as you hunt down those SLP tokens to trade at all good NFT marketplaces.
  • Crop Bytes – A hugely enjoyable online farming game. This cleverly sees you growing cryptos in the form of crops and you can then use these to feed the animals or trade. Just don’t forget to collect those valuable Extracts for extra rewards.
  • Crypto Monkey Empire – Crypto games aren’t all just about farming, breeding or mining. Take a look at Crypto Monkey Empire and you’ll see that this is a pretty good multiplayer NFT game. Here you gather resources, train your troops, build buildings and gain those all important rewards.
  • War of Ants – We love this P2P mobile game as it gives you the simple task of protecting your queen in real-time combat situations. Sounds simple, but War of Ants gets seriously engrossing once you start collecting and trading those crypto-backed units.
  • Splinterlands – This is a great collectible card game that runs on the Hive blockchain. You’ll get an account on Hive when you purchase the spellbook in the game and from here you’ll see that it’s easily one of the most fun play to earn crypto games currently available.

How to play crypto games on your iPhone or iPad

Playing crypto games shouldn’t feel that much different from playing any other online game on your iOS mobile. However, we thought that it would be handy to walk you through the basic steps that you need to take.

  1. Download a crypto wallet – After all, you will need somewhere to store whatever crypto tokens you win. Opt for a decent wallet with two-factor authentication for your online security. Plus you’ll need to make sure that the wallet is compatible with the crypto blockchain that the game is based on. Most crypto games are based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Follow the game instructions  – Some crypto games will require you to download specialist software to start playing. For example, Axie Infinity needs the TestFlight app first. Thankfully all good crypto games have lots of handy instructions to make sure that you can start gaming with the minimum of fuss.

Conclusion – Play the best crypto games iOS has right now

Crypto gaming is only just getting started and we are going to update this page every time a decent crypto game gets launched for iOS devices. This means that you should definitely bookmark this page to make sure that you are always playing the best crypto games iOS currently has to offer. Don’t forget that we also have a page dedicated to crypto games Android. So whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device, there’s no reason why everyone can’t get involved with the crypto gaming revolution.