Kingdom Karnage is a collectible card game in which players go on conquests, explore dungeons, and earn rewards. This game features animated characters with armor and weapon customizations for turn-based and blockchain-based combat. Kingdom Karnage is a play-to-earn game, so the question is how to earn money in this game?

In Kingdom Karnage, missions must be completed in order to obtain NFT coins, which are backed by Enjin tokens obtained through rare and rare card packs. This game’s platform is based on Enjin technology and its ERC1155 protocol, which allows the platform to be monetized so that users can sell, buy and even exchange accessories and cards with other players directly.

How to Earn Money in Kingdom Karnage

The user will be able to play against other players after collecting 30 decks. This game is free to play and allows you to collect cards as you progress through the game.

Kingdom Karnage How to Earn Money Gems

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Collecting Gems

Earn five blue gems in-game and exchange them for a card drop (chance of uncommon/common/rare card rarities). Blue gems can be obtained in a variety of ways, including:

  • Grind Dungeons: Each dungeon awards at least one blue gem (2 gems in higher dungeons). Dungeon loots are frequently card drops or items for your main character, which become much more likely as you progress through the dungeon.
  • Daily PvP: Whether you win or lose, you’ll receive two blue gems for every one of your first five matches per day.
  • Weekly PvP: This weekly prize is a personalized target that rewards anyone who wins at least one PvP match per week. Positive participation entitles you to a card drop and a gem prize (Minimum 5 gems and 1 x common card). There are different prize levels, all the way up to 2000 PvP points, which awards 20 gems and two rare cards!
  • Endurance Mode (Challenge): How many waves of enemies can you withstand while earning gems.

Simply use the gem shop at the upper edge of your menu screen to convert your blue gems to cards. All cards and items can be withdrawn and sold on the Enjin Jumpnet Marketplace outside Kingdom Karnage.

Explore the Catacombs!

The Catacombs (the first dungeon) are the mother of all crypts! This is the only location in Kingdom Karnage where you can obtain Multiverse Item drops. You can run yourself for assured card drops or lease your key to other players if you have a key that allows single daily access. There will only ever be 1000 Catacombs keys, which are now only available on the secondary market.

The first Catacombs dungeon will include a pre-made deck and thus be suitable for any level of player. Unlike the normal dungeons, which may award gems, every successful Catacombs finalization guarantees at least one card drop.

Kingdom Karnage How to Earn Money

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Karnage’s King (KoK)

Every month, ten weapons and ten armour pieces are awarded to the players who have the most king kills or defenses at each of the ten levels. Because of their limited availability, these are expected to fetch decent amounts of Enjin as the player base expands. When you successfully defend your throne while in KoK mode, you will receive 90% of the entrance fee paid by the attacker.

Groups of Dungeons

When you create a dungeon group in Kingdom Karnage, you will be able to charge red gems. Experienced players can earn money by charging lower-level players to be boosted in dungeons. This is a feature that is expected to gain popularity as the player base expands.

Catacombs (Advanced)

Two new dungeons will be added to Catacombs in the near future. These will be more difficult, but they will also have better loot. The two higher-level dungeons will require a player-owned deck, so they will only be suitable for experienced players.

Feel free to explore the opportunities from this Kingdom Karnage review and earn money for yourself by joining the community of Kingdom Karnage players.