Right now is a great time to be a blockchain gamer. There are a lot of new titles being released weekly, and it seems that the crypto gaming world is slowly maturing. With this growth comes various challenging games in the crypto space. One of these games is an NFT-based MMO strategy game where players can own virtual assets while enjoying strategic and team-based gameplay. Read our League of Kingdoms review to find out about this game.

League of Kingdoms

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Own League of Kingdom Tokens and Assets

League of Kingdoms is different from other mobile strategy games because it’s based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other games, it lets players own and trade certain assets. In other crypto games, players only earn resources and assets in-game. In League of Kingdoms, they can actually own and trade some of the assets and earn real money from them.

The quality of production of League of Kingdoms is the most impressive feature from the start. Although it’s only been running for some time, it still feels complete and feature-rich. The graphics are solid, and the various concepts are really clicking. The game’s simplicity makes it a lot of fun to play, and the rewards are always there whenever you need them.

A Smooth Gameplay

This League of Kingdoms review found that this is a game that should be pretty familiar to anyone who played Rise of Kingdoms. Although it can only be played in a browser, it’s still an excellent game for mobile platforms. You are the king of a random kingdom, and you have a lot of responsibilities, such as building and upgrading your kingdom while gathering resources and engaging in battle. 

There are a lot of ways to play it, such as plundering other kingdoms or farming monsters for various resources. Because playing with friends is more fun than fighting others, you can also join an Alliance. It also has multiple events that will let you complete various activities each day for unique rewards. The game has four standard resources to collect: Wood, Stone, Corn, Gold, and Crystals. While they can be easily farmed, the latter mostly come from events, quests, and store purchases. 

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League of Kingdoms Gameplay

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Upgradeable Castles and the Alliance System

The game’s upgrade process is always lengthy, and it usually takes a day or more to complete. While it can be fun to spend real money to speed things up, it can also be rewarding to have some progress without spending any money.

The Alliance System is also a feature that’s included with every game, and it allows players to form and join forces with other alliance members. Being in an alliance is also more or less mandatory if you’re going to get anywhere in the game, as it makes activities much easier when it comes to achieving anything in the game. If you prefer to avoid social interaction in League of Kingdoms, then you will have a hard time playing the game.

Battle Basics 

You get a protective shield when you start the game, which will keep you out of harm’s way for 72 hours. If you fail to ally with a strong ally by that date, it will be a matter of hours until somebody rolls over your kingdom. 

Being attacked by another player will result in you losing some troops, or most of them, permanently. You’ll also lose some resources if your kingdom is looted. If you start the game without the day one alliance, you’ll most likely be consistently looted and razed, so finding a good alliance at the beginning of the game is advised. 

Is League of Kingdoms worth your time?

Do you believe that League of Kingdoms is worth the time? If not, then you should. The game itself is already complete and solid.

Sadly, it is a game that has extreme pay-to-win features as some of the Kingdoms may have spent thousands of dollars to get where they are now. This is all expected, though, as this is a play-to-earn game. If you’re willing to spend, then this game may be interesting for you.

Certain old players and alliance leaders reached the top tier at the beginning of the game, and without investing money, they would never get close to achieving that level. 

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Even though these issues have been highlighted in this League of Kingdoms review, it is still important to keep an eye on this game as it could very well be the first blockchain game to reach the mainstream.

Despite its revolutionary nature, League of Kingdoms is still very polished and ready to be used. Even if it’s a game with a play-to-win system, it could still be considered a game that could propel the Blockchain Gaming Revolution. If you’re interested in trying out this game after this League of Kingdoms review, then register to start playing.