Being a play-to-earn game, it is important to understand how to earn in the League of Kingdoms’ vast trading system. With more details about the game provided in a League of Kingdoms review, we will show you how to earn money from this crypto game and understand how it works. 

Blockchain and NFT Features

In League of Kingdoms, there are two concepts that use the blockchain: mint your resources into tradable NFTs, and burn them to gain more resources. Other players can also buy these NFTs from you and burn them to gain more resources. There are a few offers already available on OpenSea. Unfortunately, this is not so cool for a game that just started, as gas fees are required to get NFTs on OpenSea.

League of Kingdoms How to Earn

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The second layer of League of Kingdoms is a bit different from the first. Each piece of land in the game can be owned and traded by players. These can be increased by investing in DAI tokens. If there are multiple Kingdoms active in the game, the player gains in-game resources and claimable DAI tokes from that land. This concept is to make the player and the landowner work together to develop the land. A higher level of development allows the player to increase the resources and the return on the land.

This concept encourages landowners to form alliances and try to get their members to settle on their land plots. These could lead to them making more money from their land in exchange for protecting the players’ kingdom. This is a unique system that encourages trading and decisions that encourage the overall development of assets in the game.

How to Earn NFTs and League of Kingdom Tokens 

LAND is a League of Kingdoms non-fungible token that players can use in the game to own, trade, and build kingdoms. There are 65,536 LAND tokens for players, and each has a 4×4 scale having the capacity to contain 16 Kingdoms. Landowners can get rewarded with daily DAI rewards through smart contracts on Ethereum.

Landowners must develop their lands in order to be successful in the game. Players can also contribute to the game’s ecosystem by building social networks.

In-game items, such as lumber, food, and stone, are owned by the players. They can sell these items on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Unfortunately, there are some issues related to the gas fee that players have to pay to mint their NFTs. This issue has been fixed, and players can now list their NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, which is in beta.


There are a lot of people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on getting an advantage in a game. With the addition of NFTs, other players can also benefit from these players by obtaining cheaper resources. Unfortunately, Ethereum is also the only platform that League of Kingdoms is currently running on. Instead of being able to offer a similar trading experience, it has to use gas fees on Ethereum. It’s a shame that gas fees are still high, as minting and trading NFTs simply isn’t worth it with such high fees.