Like all games succeeding in RollerCoin needs a strategy. The game basically allows you to build a character and become a crypto miner. There are two ways to become a crypto-miner in Rollercoin. The first is to buy the racks and miners to place them in your home and mine. Secondly, you can play mini-games, which give you hashing power.

According to RollerCoin strategy reviews, people who deposited funds to buy miners and the people who play for free have something in common. Both play mini-games to grow and maintain higher hashing power in the game. Our Rollercoin review talks about how important it is to play mini-games in order to increase your earnings.

RollerCoin Stategy

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RollerCoin Mini Games

The strategy for mini-games is simple. If you want to max out coin match, use 2048 coins and coin flip as your high-level fillers and coin click and flappy rocket as your low fillers.

This is why – Coin matches are the most accessible games to beat with little required time while paying you a high amount of hash power. Plus, if you enjoy puzzle-type games, it can be fun.

Another thing to note is that the 2048 coins and coin flip pay a high amount of hash power while being easy to beat. A good memory will also come in handy if you want to win the coin flip quickly.

RollerCoin Strategies

Hash Power Split

We’ve talked about playing the mini-games, now let’s get back to the main game. Your hash power split is essential for reaching your goals. The hash power on all three coins goes up and down while it slowly goes higher over time as more players buy miners. It is advised for players to split based on their goals and put them in three categories.

RollerCoin Strategy for Free Play

If you genuinely like and enjoy the game but lack the funds for it, this strategy is the best for you. We’ve talked about how to acquire the hash power but not what to do with it. First, you need to have 100% of the hash power in BTC. Here is why – the in-game shop only takes two currencies; Roller Token and BTC. The Roller Token is for a few peculiar items, so you have to go after everything else. With the way the game is set up, you can’t put your miners on the floor. They have to be on a rack, which means you have to buy a good rack. Another piece of advice for players is to buy when they have enough BTC also to buy a miner. Unless you actually see progress, in which case you can buy the rack as soon as you can afford it.

Now that you have a miner as a base hash power, you will never start with a zero hash power again. Continue with this strategy until you have enough hash power and when you do, try the next strategy below.

Build and Withdraw Strategy

This RollerCoin strategy is focused on building up to be a really good miner in the game while taking a cut over time. The hash power split recommended earlier should be BTC 60% Doge 20% and Ethereum 20%. The reason is that you want most of your hash power going to BTC to keep purchasing more racks and miners while enjoying the income from Doge and Ethereum. This means that you can still earn high from the other when one is low because they both change at any time.

In summary:

  • BTC – invest
  • Doge – withdraw
  • Ethereum – withdraw

All Things Balanced Strategy

This strategy focuses on the balance of hash power for all the coins, i.e. BTC 34%, Doge 33%, Ethereum 33%. This strategy is for those that have to buy a lot of miners and don’t want to pay attention to the hash power of each coin to see which is best on each day. The balance of hash power will cause payment to come to you at any time.


If you want to play and earn in crypto, feel free to try out this crypto-based game. Rollercoin is a good start for players new to NFT and crypto gaming.