Splinterlands, formerly known as Steem Monsters, is a play-to-earn crypto-based digital card game. Built on the Hive blockchain, in this game players can buy, sell and trade digital cards, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

It is a strategic, competitive, player-versus-player game with excellent earning potential for players.

Here is everything you need to know to get started in our Splinterlands beginner guide.

Overview of Splinterlands

Inspired by games such as Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, Splinterlands pits players against each other in strategic battles.

It has quickly become one of the top and best-rated play-to-earn crypto games up there with Townstar.

Players create custom decks of summoners and monsters based on the game’s 7 different splinters (elements). All of these cards are NFTs with real monetary value. They can be obtained through packs or the very active marketplace.

Cards can also be rented from other players, perfect for new players climbing the ranks.

Splinterlands Beginner Guide

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Splinterlands can be a bit daunting at first, but with this Splinterlands beginners guide, you will be earning in no time.

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Why is Splinterlands so popular?

With more than 280’000 daily users, Splinterlands is one of the most popular crypto games available. Players can get started from as little as 10 dollars and have the potential to earn so much more.

Splinterlands has found the perfect balance between quick battles and the strategic element. Much like Townstar, the best Splinterlands strategies determine how much players can earn.

This provides a great competitive and strategic dynamic to the gameplay.

Another significant aspect of Splinterlands is the ability to play anywhere. It is available on Android and IoS (Apple devices) and any web browser.

This allows players to play and earn on the go and is perfect for the game’s short battles.

It is also straightforward for players to get started. All they need is this Splinterlands beginner’s guide and an account to start earning straight away.

Splinterlands beginner guide: how to play

Splinterlands is one of the best crypto games for beginners, as it is easy to play but hard to master. Everything you need to know is here in our Splinterlands beginner guide.

First players need a summoner, these determine which splinter a player uses and also has their own special abilities.

There are 6 splinters in the game: fire, earth, water, life, death and dragon. A player can only use monsters that are the same element as their summoner but can also use neutral monsters.

Monsters are summoned using mana. Each battle has a mana cap based on the rank it is being played in.

Monsters are either melee or ranged: this determines their attack type.

Each monster has a mana cost, attack damage, health, speed, and abilities. There are currently 64 different abilities in the game, with more to be added in the future.

Monsters also have their level and experience. These improve their base stats and can be upgraded by combining cards.

Splinterlands how to earn money

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Building basic lineups

The positioning of monsters is vital for success, and understanding the battlefield is crucial.

There are 6 positions as well as the summoner position on the battleground.

Melee monsters can only attack in the front row (position 1) unless an ability states otherwise. The other five positions are in the back row: the only row ranged monsters can attack.

Once a monster dies, every monster moves up a position. There cannot be any holes in formation: the first player that lose all the monsters loses.

Therefore, you want your melee and tank champions in the first few positions. This allows them to attack and soak up damage while your ranged monsters deal damage to the opposition.

Players will also want their healing monsters further back to heal the front line.

Another thing to account for is position adjacency. Some monsters have abilities that only affect monsters adjacent to them.

So try to keep these monsters in the middle of other monsters to maximize these buffs.

These are the fundamentals of building lineups. However, it can get more complex when abilities are involved.

Try to stick to these fundamentals when starting, and you will be climbing the ranks in no time.

How to Earn Money

Players earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) for every ranked battle they win. This is the cryptocurrency the game is based on, and the rate it is achieved depends on a few factors.

The first is the league a player is in. The higher the league, the more DEC is earned per win.

The DEC capture rate decreases slightly for every win to deter bots farming the game. But the capture rate will recharge similar to HIVE voting power.

Players will also get bonus amounts for wins streaks (3 wins or more). More DEC is earned for every alpha, and gold foil card played (10% per card).

There are also guild bonuses depending on the guild the player is in. Players can also earn money buying, selling, and renting out cards on the Splinterlands marketplace.

Splinterlands is one of the best play-to-earn crypto games out there. You now have everything you need to know. Get started now.

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